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I once read that hotels in other countries aren’t quite like what we’re used to in the U. S. Here is a view of my hotel room. Clean but only what you need. Wood laminate floors except in bathroom. No grab bars in the tub. Two bath towels, one face cloth ( mine had a hole in the end😃) and 2 hand towels. No clock or radio. I used the alarm on my phone. Two tea bags, one decaf and one regular coffee packet. One paper coffee cup with one coffee fixings packet. No creamer but COFFEE WHITENER. TV was satellite because it would lose the signal for some stations. One mirror and that was in the bathroom. A double bed with two pillows, two sheets with a thick duvet type thing in the middle. No dresser just a ledge against the window. $10 per 24 hours for internet. I opted not to have internet. I still enjoyed it and the experience.

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  1. I really enjoyed my stay here! (Feb 2019)! It was nice and clean as you showed, no dangy carpet, no musty wall paper!!! It smells fresh, the laundry smells clean and the staff clean the room really well! It sure beats the over priced $360/night stay at the chelsea hotel! I have not stayed a night at the chelsea hotel, but I will this weekend, and I am NOT looking forward to it based off of the reviews on booking.ca etc!! I hope my money don't go to waste! Anyways, I would highly recommend bond place because it's on the edge of everything going on! It's right next the BTT television set, and the Eaton mall is just down the street! Not bad at all!

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