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BONKERS news! Globe Cup gadget haul!


I have just had some a lot more preposterous news – watch the video to obtain out what it is!

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  1. Would be better if you had some giveaways for your channel viewers. Not jealous 😉

  2. Wow, Ali! I have no idea why you don't have more subscribers because your videos are very entertaining. I've been watching you since your first collaboration with Emily, and I probably won't stop watching you. Well, maybe if you have a stroke and your personality changes in a really bad way, then I'll consider unsubscribing.
    Anyway, enjoy your freaking 3D tv, you've earned it!
    (Damn I'm jealous!)

  3. Wow! These things just don't (normally) happen Ali. All the same, good on you and well done. Years of initiative, imagination and hard work have paid off. Enjoy every minute of those incredible gifts.

  4. Very pleased for you however…. what has happened to WDINT!?? Its like you've given up. This makes me sad 🙁

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