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Book Marketing Strategies: Should Writers Pay For Book Reviews?


Paying readers to review books is a hot button topic that some people have very strong opinions on. Some people view it as unethical while others view it as a marketing strategy. What do you think of paying for book reviews? In this video you will see me talking about this issue and why it is so controversial. Let me know your opinions below!

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  1. I agree with you. I thought about going the pay-per-review route just to get my foot in the door but decided against it. I'm confident enough in my art to know SOMEBODY will appreciate it enough to speak highly of it for free. While knowing and accepting you can't win them all. People are different and have different taste and that's just fine with me. Blessings ?

  2. I see writers who pay for twitter followers all the time. They are easy to spot, but probably don't even know enough about the online writing/ reading community to know that. I imagine that paying for a review in anyway, (giving a free book, money or social media acknowledgment) can and will taint the reviewer. In short, I would not, but others will and do everyday. One way to avoid being duped is to google reviews and listen to your favorite book tubers.

  3. I understand not paying for reviews–and I don't–but I think it's courtesy to offer a potential reviewer a copy of your book. Otherwise (seems to me) we're asking for a favor–someone's time and effort–and making them pay in order to do us that favor.

  4. Okay, I think when done correctly, paid reviews can be a great thing. For example, I found  a few YouTube video personalities who I felt could handle the book and share a review with their substantial followers. I offered what I think is a nominal, yet worthwhile amount (split in half) for them to read the book. They would receive a certain amount for reading the book, then if they felt they could do a worthwhile review  I would pay them a balance upon completion of the review video. I didn't tell them what to say, all I asked was that they didn't completely trash the book, but if they MOSTLY liked the book, they were free to offer criticism. If they thought the book was terrible, I wouldn't have them do the critique. Thankfully no one ever thought my book was bad. Of the four YouTubers I contacted, I would say that two of them did an incredible job with the review and I even believe that I received  sales from those videos. They respect their audience enough to mention that the videos are sponsored videos, but they delivered such wonderful reviews that made it worth the time. The other two Vloggers were a waste of time, and I was completely burned by the one, and the other delivered but the review while it was positive,  focused on subplots that I don't believe would grab the larger audience I had anticipated. So, in the end, I believe paid reviews can do great things in terms of creating a buzz. I would not however, do as that person you mentioned, have someone just make up positive reviews if that isn't true to what they felt about the book. I would rather that they not do a review at all.

  5. I like listening  to you talk about different topics concerning writing. What do you think about KDP SELECT?  Will you do a video about that?

  6. I agree with you. I there is no need to pay for a book review. Reviews should be done by people who you trust to tell you what is the best for what you are trying to say. So no, it is just buying in a system without any personal moral consideration.

  7. I agree with you on not paying for reviews. I have only written and published my first book recently and have found it to be rather difficult to get reviews. Still, I believe that in time and hard work, reviews will come. Thank you for the information. I have watched several of your videos and I love them all.

  8. I agree – and it's also against amazon's terms to pay for reviews – you will be jeopardizing your account if amazon does find out. Amazon takes this matter very seriously!

  9. Thanks so much for the information no I don"t feel that you shouldn't pay for reviews let the reader be fair to the author

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