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Book Review #11 Harry Potter and the Cursed child Parts I and Part II !!!!!


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Video Abstract: For all those interested, here is my book review of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part I and Part II”! Thank you as always for sharing what I love with me! Thank you so much for watching! You guys are amazing!!!!!!

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  1. Well poo! Why did they change Harry!?!?! Oh well … I'm glad you did this review because it probably would have taken me a minute to figure out what went wayward ~ But yea I can see how the characters might change when a play is based on a story by an author. I may still go ahead & pick this Part I&II book for the family collection anywho cuz I'm hooked! LoL ~ Thanx John for the awesome review =)

  2. Totally agree with you! I didn't really like The storyline at all! Love Love love Harry Potter though . Like yourself, I had a different head canon for what was supposed to happen in the future. Don't get me started on the fact that he is in the wrong house, and Really doesn't like flying . Both of those things just … rub me wrong way and seem unnatural for the son of Harry and ginny . I get what they were trying to do in the Storyline , and it is a good story, but on its own , not as a continuation of the Harry Potter saga. At the end of Book 7, Harry even mentioned that he could chioose not to be in a Certain hose if he didn't want to be, and he seemed like he was dreading being sorted there, so that seemed like a direct departure from Canon . I also found Harry very rude at Certain points , particularly to McGonagll and he would never be that way. Maybe that Was a personality change due to Messing around with time, which I could better understand , but still didn't like that part . Anyway, I completely concur with you ! I like the story for what it is, but I don't think it should be considered canon . Cannot hold a candle to the Original seven books

  3. It just sounds kind of ironic that someone with such a rotten childhood himself would make such a terrible Dad. Is it the Snape and Harry thing all over again? Because at least Snape turned out to be a good guy and Harry just sounds like a jerk.

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