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Book Review: Jane Eyre


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ALL TIME FAVORITE!! I didn’t even know Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte existed until I was 30 years old and that’s such a shame because it is unarguably one of the best books ever written. The quality of writing, the elevating language, the true principles, the focus on human nature, the characters, the plot, the virtues taught all combine to create an unforgettable story that has the power to inspire you to greatness. If you’ve never read it, START RIGHT NOW! And if you have, READ IT AGAIN!! You’ll be a better person when you’re finished.

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  1. Religious socities are and were never moral…modern Islamic and far right right Christians prove my point, oh the hypocrisy. .but, moving on..loved the book and I'm an atheist. I have a very strong sense of right and wrong and don't do only what "I" want…i have many Christian friends, who have no sense of commmtment , where as, I have been in a 23 year relationship and we have never wavered…..sorry for my inclusion of the personal, but I totally disagree with your examination of what is 19th century moral vs modern…women were treated no better than a dog back then…Dickens wife, is a perfect example….. but overall, I still liked your review. This is a great novel, in the English Victorian tradition.

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