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Book Review – Many Miles To Go: A Modern Parable for Business by Brian Tracy


Most people have dreams of succeeding in a venture. Usually, a first major dream or goal would be to get a car or finish college. Brian Tracy had a unique initial dream and goal. His first dream and goal would be shot down right away by most parents because of the dangers to them and their lives. His first major dream was to cross the Sahara Desert. He documents this odyssey in his book,”Many Miles To Go: A Modern Parable for Business”.

The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world. It covers most of North Africa and is almost as large as crossing the mainland of the United States. That is a vast undertaking to cross it. Then, you take into account the heat, the sand, the sandstorms, etc. You have a major undertaking for even an experienced traveler- let alone young adults who will be navigating themselves.

Unlike in cooler and mild places like the United States, you cannot travel in the mid-day crossing the Sahara Desert. The heat is too intense. It is above 120 degrees in the shade. You have to travel lightly but wisely since you need to ration of food and water to survive. His travels with his friends is a great analogy to any business undertaking. First of all, in the Sahara, the ground is flat so you need reference points to know where you are going. There were oil barrels that marked the mileage as they moved forward. They would travel based upon those oil barrels. So, it made the trip measurable meaning they could calculate the number of oil barrels to travel pass every day (or every hour) in order to measure their progress. Succeeding in business is similar to that. You have to set goals- daily, monthly, and yearly, in order to measure your progress (or digression).

Along this perilous journey, nothing goes according to plan just like in business. They had to keep a positive mental attitude and to keep their eye on their goal which is to reach the other side of the Sahara Desert. Upon reaching their goal, it gave Brian Tracy tremendous confidence in future undertakings especially in business. Every business venture would be minor when compared to this crossing of the Sahara Desert. Because he achieved this goal at a young age, he was able to achieve tremendous success (and even failures) in business at a young age and move forward.

This is an adventurous book on the perils and triumphs that can occur in life including in business.

By Pascasio JR Felisilda

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