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Book review: two Leo Perutz novels


A review of two excellent novels by Leo Perutz:
– Leonardo’s Judas
– The Swedish Cavalier

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I couldn't agree more with you, Perutz's books are short and sweet but also amazing. It took me a while to find every book he wrote that has been translated into English, I wish there were more.

  2. A few more books are available in French. I have not yet read them, though I believe they are less mature than the ones which were translated. Actually, one of these is "the mystery of the mango tree" and it seems that it was published in the 1920s in an American magazine – but of course these are as good as impossible to find these days.

  3. Started reading "Master of the Day of Judgement" today. Came across this author accidentally, but so far have been enjoying him.

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