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Books for OUR children | Natural Hair Book Reviews by Crystal Swain-Bates


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Books can be purchased at GoldestKarat.com or Amazon.com

Reading books is a great way to bond with children

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  1. oh lord! Your daughter is Waaaay too Cute! This is a great video to watch, even for someone like me with no kids yet. loved watching, and she is so precious. 

  2. Anyone interested in purchasing these books and others  by Author Crystal Swain-Bates Please visit her website at Goldestkarat.com and/or Amazon.com.  You can see all of her books by also going to her Authors page  at   https://www.facebook.com/cswainbates?ref=br_tf – great for your kids and awesome to give as gifts to friends and family.

  3. This is great!! I'm a teacher so I can tell you that if you continue reading to your daughter her literacy will be extremely high, and as she gets older let her read to you as well. Also incorporate games like math electronic games or color books with math in it. And she needs games that include shapes. Reading and Math are the foundation of every other subject. She will be really smart when she starts school. Too many Afro-Amer kids start school behind other races simply because parents aren't doing what you're doing right now. Please continue…your hard work will pay off.

  4. What you're doing is wonderful. Find books with big font or print out a page or two and enlarge the font.  Then point out letters to her and tell her what the letters sound like.  You'll be surprised at how fast she picks it up.  Phonics are the foundation of reading.  My son knew how to read at 4 years old and could write his name.  We made it a game. When driving, I would point out signs and tell him what they said.  Stop signs, street signs, etc.  What I did wrong was reward him with candy. I wouldn't do that now. But I had my own deadly sweet tooth. 🙁

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