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Bright – Movie Review


A Netflix movie about an Orc and a human cop duo operating in our modern world with fairy tale elements. Here’s my review of BRIGHT!

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  1. Critics are dumb. Don't listen to critics- make up your own mind. I really liked it. I wasnt expecting an Oscar movie just a good time 🙂

  2. C'mon. This was a decent movie. I'd love to see more done regarding this concept/universe, even if they are 'other' alternative stories and not necessarily related or concerning the characters of the movie. This is too unique of a concept to let die too quickly. Maybe a TV show.

    It was not fantastic but it was enjoyable. This was NOT the bus fire of 2017 TYVM, that title belongs to TLJ.

  3. This movie was so bad I couldn’t even focus on it. Towards the end i was laughing so hard it kind of made it worth the watch, but not really. It was just some really stupid scene where will smith is angry that his orc friend got shot, but then a magical lightning wand flies up and saves the day or some stupid shit. This movie was really awful because it tried to make a statement about racism but instead made a weird story about a world where mythical species are somewhat based on racial stereotypes, which is a bad idea on paper let alone in a movie. Bad ideas all around. F minus

  4. Can stupid people with netflix accounts stop commenting about how amazing this movie was and how every single critic got it wrong? They didn’t. You got it wrong. You have shitty taste and you probably think the fast and furious movies should win best picture. So please stop spreading bad advice. The movie sucked

  5. I’m… utterly confused, I mean it’s pretty fun and I really like Jacoby as a character. I’ve seen plenty of cop dramas and movies, and yeah, this feels like a cop drama with two believable cops who just happen to live in a world where magic exists and treat it like another aspect of everyday life. It functions, the way all these actual different species behave towards one another is believable because well… humans have barely found the capacity to tolerate and understand each other and even fight to maintain that understanding in recent centuries with bits and pieces of it showing through our heritage, I think it makes perfect sense that effort would double in the amount of time it would take when it isn’t even the same species.

  6. It’s better than mib international imo even tho I would rather rewatch that movie instead but this movie had some drama in it which I liked but that movie didn’t have anything special

  7. What film was you watching? I really enjoyed they movie and your trying to hard to hate it. So you didn’t like it. I like the character development, The way they interacted together to became a team. Sometimes you try so to be funny and clever but you come across petty and small.

  8. It was crap, no back story no nothing
    Why orcs like this why elfs on the top of the food chain.
    What is the purpose of light of shadow nothing no explanation.

  9. BRIGHT was GREAT! The script was still good, the concept was way past its budget. The chemistry between the characters was what you'd expect from the world there in.
    I kinda disagree with this critic.

  10. I actually enjoyed this movie but it would have been better as a mini series or a trilogy to flesh out the lore a bit. I’d still watch it again though

  11. Yeahhhh sorry bro but I disagree wholeheartedly. This was a clever movie that FINALLY brought something creative and fresh to the movie world. It was a very fun watch and is quite satisfying to the fantasy nerds who understand the kind of referenced content. Sorry that it went over your head. This movie was great.

  12. Idk wtf ppl are bitching about ? The movie was great and enjoyable from start to finish. Wtf are ppl smoking ?? 8/10 from me

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