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Hey everyone for this review I take on the brick breaking game Briks on the Playstation 4. This isnt anything special but is one of those games getting a little buzz due to easy trophies so i decided to check it out.

My reviews are 100% unbiased and I will never do one unless I am confident enough to do so. I use a scale of 1 – 10 with 5 being a average game. Many professional reviewers use 7 as a average game which I find is more of a trick to convince you the consumer that a game is better then it really is.

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for checking out the review I mainly wanted to check this one out due to trophies so i could included it on my next easy platinum list but figured I might as well review it as well doubt many others touched it.

  2. Get the feeling the rather sexist backgrounds are there to try and sell this game.

  3. The store page of Briks also says that you get 20 dynamic themes and 20 avatars if you buy the game. So it is way cheaper to get them with this game then to buy at least a few of them seperately.

  4. Man, that Laser Cat Level made me sick to my stomach just watching it for the few seconds you had it on screen.

  5. Did you actually get a review code for this one? There is actually no information on the Developer/Publisher. They are primarily a theme devs.

    WIsh this comes to NA store and cheap price too 🙂

  6. How is BRIKS a 3/10? Im an experienced gamer, and im struggling with it. People are getting their Platinum in under 2 hrs. Yet in two days im not even half way through. Its very difficult to control the ball. It goes too fast. And i can rarely ever get the ball to go where i want it ti go. Im sry, but this is more like a 6/10 for me. It is not as easy as many are lead to believe. On a side note–good review. I just disagree with its difficulty rating.

  7. there's one trophy that's bullshit, the "combo power up collected" I have all trophies but this, it's bugged, I've done all levels numerous times and the thing won't pop, has anyone else got this trophy?

  8. Your review was well thought out and presented with smooth and confident delivery.
    The game howevet should have been called something like "My First Hentai."
    With games like "Hyperballoid" and its much beefier brother "Magic Ball" from the PS3 era having shown how promising the future was for this classic arcade sub genre, it is saddening to see how desparate junior devs can be to begin an unmentionable portfolio.
    Thank you for helping steer gamers from staining their libraries.

  9. It's 16 pounds now. (I'm typing this on a PS4 and realised there is no pound sign on its virtual keyboard).

  10. i played brick breaker which is not easy at all and doesn't even have a platinum. i might try this 1 to

  11. Am I the only one who bought it for the sexy ass anime girls? LoL I figured it's price at $5 these days is definitely worth it, if just for the anime themes…thats just me though

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