Home Game Review Brothers In Arms 2 – Global Fronts; iPad game review

Brothers In Arms 2 – Global Fronts; iPad game review


A review of Gameloft Brothers In Arms 2 – Global Fronts,

an FPS game set in the World War 2 era for the iPad. Interesting story line with good quality graphic.

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  1. Can somebody tell me how the hell can i play online¿ i put my game center username and password and it Wont let me,i try to créate an account and it says that my email it's already Been used -_-

  2. Now when I try to get start a mission it takes me out of the game
    Look at one of my youtube videos to see what I mean

  3. Hey what ipad is it that your using i would love to know the name. Cause when i try to play a new level it wants me to buy a certain weapon in order to progress. I rather have the same game with out the shop feature if you can tell me how to find it i will be so happy thanks. And great video by the way.

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