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Why would one buy Amazon reviews? Amazon is very crowded and competitive place. There are many vendors selling same products as you do. Buyers on Amazon will in most cases buy the product that has many reviews. Positive ones, of course. People don’t want to test if product or Kindle book is good with their hard earned money.

People like to buy proven things. This is why you have to have a positive reviews for your product, book or kindle book.

Statistics say that only 7% of Kindle book customers will actually post a book review. To get first 7 reviews you have to sell 100 books! Let’s say that you are totally new indie writer on amazon. If your book starts with zero reviews, who is going to buy it? There are more than million books in Kindle store. Why would someone buy a book without reviews? And +even more, from unknown author! From experiences I have to say that harsh truth is that the vast majority Amazon authors sell zero. Because they don’t have the understanding of how people buy on Amazon.

Why? Because nobody doesn’t want to buy something if nobody else is buying it. This is first reason to buy Amazon reviews. When you buy Amazon reviews you get reviews from real people. They will actually read your book or buy your product and then write a honest review on Amazon.

When your product or Kindle book get positive reviews this improves popularity of it and gives it a social proof. This is crucial.

All reviews you buy for Amazon are written by native English speaking professional writers. They know how to write in a way that potential customers will buy your product. Instead that one from your competitor.

So, social proof. Next reason why buy Amazon reviews is to minimize the damage your competitors can do to you. Some review providers post bad and negative reviews on competitors’ Amazon listings. This can seriously hurt your Amazon rankings and can drain your sales to zero overnight. On the other hand, if you have a lot of positive reviews, few bad competitors reviews will not lower your average ranking score.

Be smart! Ensure yourself good rankings and protect yourself at same time! Buy positive, honest reviews today !

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