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Suddenly, it occurred to me … I have all of the Harry Potter books. What is wrong with me – none are written by an American Author. I am an American, you know. JK Rowling is from the UK and probably richer than the Queen of England. This is CRAZY! Not to knock JK Rowling's writing gift and not to sound prejudice but Americans who purchases children books need to purchase books written, sold and published by Americans.

We need to keep our dollars here to help build our economy! We need to get our kids back to reading books written by American authors. And there are many out there.

With so many children's fantasy books on magic, it is amazing that only one novel continued to be search for on the internet. And of course, we all know its JK Rowling's Harry Potter. We have the sequel novels, the dictionary, forums, blogs and fan clubs – all just for this collection. In a way … well, at least to me … its kind of one-sided, as well as unfair, to American authors; As there are many American authors with excellent books in this genre.

One such book is a trilogy I accidently discovered on Amazon, Nandi & the Renewal of Serenity by a new author VC Stone. And no we are not the same. My kids read it and loved it! Why not buy from a new author? I mean was not JK ​​Rowling a new author when she started. This novel is an excellent read for kids.

Lets help America a little bit. Buy books by American authors!

By Alice Stone-McClary

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