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Buy Google Reviews – Remove Negative Reviews


Should you buy Google reviews for your business? http://www.localgoldmine.com/blog/reputation-management/are-you-buying-reviews-for-google-places/ In the video I will discuss the ramifications of buying Google reviews and how you should handle negative reviews and possibly get them removed.

First of all in the digital age as a small business owner you need to have satisfied customers leaving reviews about their experience with your business.

It can be frustrating as to how to get more reviews and you may be tempted to hire a company and buy fake Google reviews.

I talk about 2 big reasons why you should NEVER buy Google reviews.

1. It is illegal! If you get caught by the FTC you can be fined.
2. It violates Google guidelines and Google will remove all of your removes and may even ban your business listing.

In the video I discuss the best ways to get more reviews and the places other than Google you should be looking.

I will give you the best way to get more positive reviews and how you must handle negative reviews if you hope to get them removed.

Why are reviews important?

73% Of Consumers Say Positive Reviews Make Them Trust A Business More

90% Of Consumers Say Online Reviews Impact Their Buying Decisions

80% Of Consumers Have Changed Their Minds About A Business Based On Negative Reviews

Not actively getting positive reviews and ignoring negative reviews can literally destroy your business as more and more people rely on reviews to determine who they will do business with.

Bottom line: Do not buy Google reviews! If you hire a review service, make sure they have a system that reaches out to real customers and uses a system to encourage them to say nice things about your business.

If you get a negative review use the tips in the video to remove them.

Great post on how to handle negative reviews: http://www.localgoldmine.com/blog/reputation-management/remove-negative-reviews-with-reputation-management/

Great post on why you should not buy Google reviews: http://www.localgoldmine.com/blog/reputation-management/are-you-buying-reviews-for-google-places/

Questions about getting more reviews or getting rid of negative reviews?

Contact Jeffrey Taylor – Local Search Specialist at http://www.localgoldmine.com

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