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Can You Make Your Car Look Like New? | Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports tests scratch-removers and products to refurbish your faded trim to see if they can make your car look good again. Tested products include: Meguiar’s Mothers, Turtle Wax, Wipe Nu, Meds ReNu Pro, Simonize, Dupont and Turtle Wax.

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  1. In my 2003 4runner i have used it and it looks better but when its gone after time it looks worst than the first time that i applied it .so you have to keep using it.

  2. Wow, I never would have guessed that Wipe Nu of all things would outlast Meguiar's; they usually make some great car care products. Excellent video, CR!

  3. ReNu Finish is an amazing product. It works as advertised and lasts a long time. Seems to bring all trim back to the orginial factory finish and takes very little on the pad to cover the area. Tried many others and researched to find this was developed back in 2001, There is a site with the story FinishingTouchAutoStain.org. ReNu Finish was a license agreement name. Good Stuff. Wish it was available in stores.

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