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Candide by Voltaire (Summary and Overview) – Minute Ebook Report


This is a brief summary and evaluation of Candide by Voltaire. This channel discusses and critiques publications, novels, and quick tales via drawing…improperly. New Minute Ebook Reviews are posted each individual 7 days.

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This is a story about the adventures of a man named Candide who grows up in the German castle of Westphalia. He is sensible and dazzling, taking to the philosophy of Pangloss, a philosopher who thinks that all factors occur for great.

Candide receives operate out of Westphalia by the Baron after expressing a intimate fascination the attractive Cunegonde, the Baron’s daughter. Nonetheless, Candide is identified to reunite with her some day.

Soon after becoming a member of the Bulgarian military, Candide all over again runs, but satisfies Pangloss, who is disfigured and sickly. Pangloss tells Candide that Westphalia was attacked and that everybody died. The two of them journey to Portugal with the assist of a friendly man, who dies in a terrible storm at sea.

Soon after surviving an earthquake, Candide and Pangloss are convicted and each sentenced: Candide to be whipped and shot, Pangloss to be hanged. Pangloss is hanged, but Candide is saved by an previous lady, who heals his wounds.

The previous lady usually takes Candide to Cunegonde, who survived the assault on Westphalia, and clarifies how she is now the property of two other gentlemen.

Candide slays the two gentlemen who personal Cunegonde and he usually takes her and the previous lady to the New World to escape persecution. As they are sailing, the previous lady shares her personal journey from princess to slave.

When they get there in the New World, the regional governor sees Cunegonde and wishes to marry her. But just before Candide can protest, he sees a ship get there whose intentions are to arrest him for the slayings.

Candide leaves with a regional guide, Cacambo, and they find refuge in a nearby settlement. There, Candide discovers that Cunegonde’s brother is a commanding officer, getting also survived the assault on Westphalia. Nonetheless, the gentlemen struggle and Candide stabs Cunegonde’s brother just before fleeing.

Candide and Cacambo then find a town of gold, El Dorado. Even though the town is full of riches, the persons stay in peace and harmony. Candide and Cacambo take pleasure in their time in the town, but make your mind up to get some of the riches with them to invest in back Cunegonde. Nonetheless, on their excursion back, they lose most of their gold-carrying sheep and are forced to depart the riches driving.

Candide decides to split off from Cacambo, instructing him to get most of the gold, invest in Cunegonde, and satisfy him in Venice.

Soon after his gold is stolen by a Dutch sea captain, Candide decides to journey to France with Martin, a philosophical man who thinks the worst in mankind.

In France, Candide and Martin operate into Cacambo, who is now a slave to a previous sultan. Cacambo tells them that Cunegonde is a slave in Constantinople and has developed hideous. Nonetheless, Candide is identified to see her.

As they are sailing to Constantinople, the team discovers that Cunegonde’s brother and Pangloss are rowing the boat.

They land in Constantinople and Candide sees Cunegonde, hideous and crushed, and the previous lady. He buys them, nonetheless seeking to marry Cunegonde.

In the finish, Candide buys a small Turkish farm with the relaxation of his revenue and they all stay on the farm together.

Originally, viewers must be capable to identify the author’s use of satire as social commentary on revenue, relationships, slavery, and the evilness in persons. But the strongest satire is saved for religious commentary. In the story, religious figures are generally portrayed as hypocrites who exhibit acts of lust, greed, and selfishness.

This story also portrays the incomplete story. Often, viewers are led to believe that that figures have died, but in simple fact, those figures endure and return by the finish. This demonstrates the survivability of humans as organisms, but also an interesting literary unit: the restricted narrator. What this does is restrict the reader’s awareness of the earth and create new surprises that the reader and principal protagonist share together.

By all of Candide’s misadventures, his perception that almost everything functions for great acts as a sturdy consistent. This philosophy, in a way, is mocked by the author as Candide usually takes it to extremes in some cases.

This in the long run potential customers to the conclusion of the story in which Candide realizes that, in the finish, it will not genuinely issue irrespective of whether gatherings, great or negative, work out. Finally, we, as humans, are intended to work and knowledge, not to assume or choose irrespective of whether our encounters are for the benefit of ourselves and those all-around us.

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  1. So wish the music was softer and you took 2 minutes and spoke slower.  Other than that – enjoyed it.

  2. As a fellow youtuber who creates animated book review videos, I just wanted to say that this video is superb! Well done.

  3. Cunegonde drops her handkerchief and then her eyes meets Candide's after he picks it up for her. And then she kisses him.

  4. Lol, poor Candide had to run from the American governor after the popo arrived in search of him from across the sea.

  5. Great summary. However, I highly recommend actually reading the book, those of you in the comments saying you will now ace the test, presumably because you didn't actually read it. There's plenty of witty humor to enjoy. A great example is this passage early in the book:
    One day, as Cunegonde was taking a stroll near the castle in the little wood they referred to as their 'parkland', she caught a glimpse through the bushes of Dr Pangloss giving a lesson in applied physiology to her mother's maid, a very pretty and very receptive little brunette. As Miss Cunegonde had quite a gift for science, she noted in breathless silence the repeated experiments to which she was witness. She saw clearly the doctor's sufficient reason, the effects and the causes, and returned home all agitated, her thoughts provoked, and filled with desire to be a scientist, musing that she might well be able to be young Candide's sufficient reason, just as he could well be hers.

  6. Thanks for the entertaining video! I read this book about 10 years ago back in high school. I really liked it back then, but had forgotten most of what happened.

  7. Read up to the part where Candide killed the two women's monkey lovers'. (Wish I'd kept at it til they'd at least gotten to the city of gold).

  8. I always like to watch a summary after reading a book so I can fully comprehend what I just read. Thank you.

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