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Capcom Street Fighter Deck-Building Game review – Board Game Brawl


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  1. Christ, Nick, buy camera. Footage quality from your mobile phone is terrible. Can't see a damn thing on the cards.

  2. You've convinced me, I'll be picking this one up soon.  Thanks a lot, great review as always.

  3. Love this game.  Played it with a friend in my gaming group once and he immediately wanted to buy it for his own.  I find that those that enjoy Dominion like this as well.   (Note:  I haven't played any of the other deck builders in this line)  Question for you Nick:  Do they mix really well when you take in DC Deckbuilder with the Street Fighter?  

  4. This was the first game, I will outright refuse to play again. It was terrible/ What a waste of such a great license
    It takes way too long, 90 minutes for what it is was just brutal. The mid game just dragged when the kick cards ran out, your hand gets so clogged up when there is nothing decent to buy.

    The attacks just felt take on and was more of a take that mechanic than anything.

    Just nothing to like for me.

  5. Cerberus system… presumably called as much because, like, multiple heads, signifying uniting multiple licenses under one basic engine. DC, LotR, and Street Fighter were the original licenses initially mentioned way back when, and the hell dog happens to have three heads. Easy!

  6. Got a chance to play this with Matt Hyra at Origins.  Decent game and great guy! he ended up kicking the snot out of us.

  7. Love this game! I find the stage boss attacks to be a little tame though. Most times when i got attacked, it barely made any effect to my deck. There were times when i didn't even bother to defend. The combos are really cool and a little more extensive than DC. The artworks are very nice as well. I would have to agree with your review, if you like the other games, you'll like this one also. 

  8. i played this game last night, for the very first time.
    it's fun. the rules arent very complicated.  took about 4 hours because we had a long pause(like 1 hour) and we also constantly stopped to carefully read each and every card. i assume a group of people already familiar with the cards and rules would take much less time.

  9. "Pretty soon they're going to have Naruto anime shi- uh deck building game as well."
    Nice save.

  10. Puzzle Strike is so much better. More interactivity and creativity. Exciting climaxes. The character you choose at the start has much more influence on your gameplay.  You can even play it online for free.

  11. What part of Sagat makes him think its pronounced saget?  And again with the Na-root-o.  I cant watch one of this guys vids without being annoyed by him mispronouncing shit 🙁

  12. USA is stupidly OP compared with like every location until United Kingdom which you will probably either not get to play, or cammy it and get to play once.
    Cammy and Rose are godlike.
    Kicks are worse than in like every other deckbuilder (which is special because they're already not good) because of the amount of 2 cost 2 power cards.
    Bent combos include Tandem Engine & Sagats Eyepatch to destroy someone elses card you played that turn.
    The game is better if you play it in a way that the boss can remove power from you – imagine it being like losing to an arcade mode character in SF and having to pay to continue.

  13. New to dbgs. I'm still so confused. Read instructions. 4 times. Don't understand how many cards you have in your hand at one time, if you can buy from the main deck when attacks are taken into account or when you "shuffle" your discard pile back into your hand? Someone help!!!! Please!

  14. Great review. It's too bad they quit supporting it. I'd gladly throw down $20 for a new copy but it averages $50 on Ebay new. Maybe they will reprint it when the next SF video game comes out. Lol.

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