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Carters Retro Reviews – Spot Goes to Hollywood / Sega Saturn


It doesn’t show but I had a really itchy nose in the intro.

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  1. The intro movie always reminds me of the stupid little overproduced animated segments movie theaters like to play before the previews start to roll.

  2. This game, like it's predeccesor, is quite average, which is really quite good when you realize these games are license games based on a soda mascot. I had Spot on the Gameboy of all things as a kid and I'll always remember him fondly. Thanks for giving it an honest review. I'm always pleasantly surpirised when a game, or game series I had fond memories of turns out to be as good as  I remember.

  3. Hahaha , Cool Spot visits Auschwitz & Dachau. Lmao! Carter, you are precious! Keep the reviews coming.

  4. Like Marco mentioned earlier, tbh, the original Cool Spot (SNES, MD, Amiga, etc) was simply a competent platformer, but nothing outstanding. This game (Spot goes to Hollywood) simply looks like an isometric rendition of the last game to me. Now, whilst that is GREAT new for pre-existing Cool Spot fans, it does little to persuade me to even look twice at the game, personally.

    Good review, as always.

  5. I believe this was the first game I played on my Saturn (last year from cashies). I really liked the original SNES/MD/PC game. I couldn't get passed the control scheme in the sequel . While fine for rock n roll on the nes I just can't handle this type of control. It's not going to happen but a remake is called for.

  6. I dont see any need for the Isometric design aside maybe the mine cart level . Great Review

  7. Another great review. I got a good kick out of the Spot sequels, though personally the one I'd most like to have seen is Spot Meets Dick and Jane. The magazine adverts could show some terrifying monster looming behind Spot and the text "Run, Spot, run."

    Your gameplay footage (and commentary) makes this game look quite a bit more well-made than my previous impressions had led me to believe. Still sounds a bit generic to me, though, and it seems too much like a Genesis/Mega Drive cast off.

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