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Celestron FirstScope Evaluation


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  1. Between this there which should I choice as a beginner?
    Celestron FirstScope, reflector newtonian
    Celestron Travel Scope 70, refractor
    Celestron CLST-C70, Mini Mak Spotting Scope

  2. my wife just bought me this for christmas.! Im excited to look at some stuff. thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks a lot, your review was very useful to me. After watching it, I'm now decided: This will be my first telescope! 🙂


  4. thanks,bro! watching you reviews i decided on wich telescope to buy. and i got myself a celestron travelscope 70. i´m going to do lot of astrophotography and long sights shoots. keep up the good job!

  5. Great review, thanks, would you recommend this or the 20×80 Celestron skymaster for seeing as much deep space as possible on a budget and light weight device?

  6. Hey Dan, thanks I will look into it, but before your comment I found a pretty good deal on the 20×80's and I really like them. Of the little stargazing I have done I was very impressed with the clarity and number of stars I could see even in suburban skies. Have not tried to look at DSOs or planets yet. I'm sure the firstscope or travel scope will be better though because of more magnification. 20x is not all that much for astronomy. Thanks

  7. Nice review! If you can answer these questions to me, please do:

    1. Can you see nebulas clearly with this telescope?

    2. It's possible to attach any Barlow on it?

  8. Hello, firstly the easy answer, yes you can attach a barlow lens but when you get to about 100x magnification it starts to struggle to produce a clear image. Also yes you can see nebulas but as it is a small telescope they will only appear as smudges of light and some of the fainter nebulas will be barely visible. That said for the money the scope is great and I love it, as a beginner scope or one to have a look out of the window with it is amazing how many stars you'll be able to see through it

  9. Hey, where can you get the attatchment to view the images right-side up? Is it in the firstscope accessory pack?


  10. Hello, I am afraid i don't think it is part of the accessory pack, a standard one should fit the firstscope but I havent tested it myself so I would email a telescope shop like scopesnskies and ask them about a specific one just to be sure!

  11. Yes it is the standard thing for mirror based telescopes to show images upside down and back to front, it is really just a case of getting used to finding things with a telescope, I had terrible trouble at first but after using it for a while I picked up the knack and soon enough you will find it a pretty easy thing to point it at random areas of the sky!

  12. I just bought this telescope and I'm excited to start using it once it comes in. I'm new to star watching but it's something I'd like to get into as time goes on. I'd especially like to use this telescope with my son as he gets a little older for a little father-son bonding.

    Cheers on the review.

  13. Thanks, I am sure you will have a great time with the scope and your son, it really is incredible to think of what you can see through something like this, things like the seven sisters that you can see from your windowsill (depending on light pollution!!) are really fantastic sights to see from the comfort of your own home! And when the moon is going through its phases and you can see all the craters along wherever the shadow is falling on its surface it is a wonderful peaceful sight!

  14. Thanks for the reply. I should be receiving the telescope tomorrow and I wanted to ask you about your experience with it. Is it really possible to see Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Saturn's Rings?

  15. Hello, yes you can see those planets, although they will be very small, if you spend a few minutes getting the focus just right you will be able to see faint lines of cloud on jupiters surface and up to 4 of jupiters moons depending on where they are in orbit. If you were to look at Jupiters moonsevery now and then over the course of a few hours you will be able to see that they are moving slightly which is something I find fascinating, especially if youcan see them before and after sleep!

  16. You mention the Pleiades, using this product, obviously during the right time of year, would I be able to see the lovely glowing blue of the cluster? I ask this because I am interested in purchasing this product and I've never bought a telescope before so I have no idea what I'm doing

  17. If you look at the Pleiades then you will see the main stars individually as well as dozens of other stars all around and within the cluster, it was one of the first things I looked at and was in absolute awe at, one of the things that really drove me to see more of what is up there! I hope this helps!

  18. My good Sir, thank you for your response because it was most helpful and decisive since I have chosen to make this my first ever telescope purchase.

  19. Fantastic video. It looks as if you are very educated in terms of astronomy and telescopes. This was a great review and I am looking into this for my secondary telescope.

  20. Ahh excellent, i would definitely recommend checking out the Celestron TravelScope 70 as well!

  21. I would personally recommend the Celestron Travel Scope 70!, Very portable, great quality for the price and the image is not upside down or back to front!

  22. Thanks, just bought one and it's still boxed up. I'll have a look see tonight- if the sky's clear enough.

  23. Very good review, just purchased one!  Thank for the nice review.  It was very clear, well spoken and basic (which I like).

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