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CGRoverboard SURVIVING HIGH SCHOOL for iPad Video Game Review


Classic Game Room presents a CGRoverboard review of Surviving High School from Electronic Arts for the iPad. Surviving High School is a text adventure, a genre known for providing lots of options, lots of interaction…and lots of text. This game makes the grade as far as the interaction and text go, but Surviving High School doesn’t give you a whole lot of choices. For starters, you can only play as a guy. That might not be a big deal if not for the game’s content, which revolves around masculine pursuits as stereotypical as the characters themselves. The pursuit of girls plays a large role in your daily activities in Surviving High School, but the problem is you can only choose from two girls. You can pursue the blond cheerleader Beth or the dark haired loner Raven. More limitations, more stereotypes, more rigidity…and for a game about interaction, those aren’t the grades you want to earn. This video review features video gameplay footage of Surviving High School for the iPad and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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  1. "Wow, is something on fire…or are you just smoking hot" would never, ever work on a modern girl. She'd slap you, post a Facebook status about what a perv you are, and then no one talks to you for the rest of Junior year.

  2. >subscribes for an awesome female reviewer
    >gets that ass-face from CGRundertow who says Donkey Kong 64 and Super Mario Land sucks

  3. You can play as a girl… And there are actually two other girls you can pursue in the football star…

  4. Dude calm down of course this game will have the typical stereotypes its a just a GAME for iphones, ipads, and itouchs! You need to chill out Mr. Super Nerd. Sorry its not your world of warcraft that you spend all hours of the day playing. And you were probably a big dork so idk why ur complaining it being a stereotype

  5. You know when it says touch to continue, u can touch anywhere to continue its irritating when u actually press that box…

  6. ….. In my school, there wasn't boxes…. I don't know what kind of crazy school you guys go to

  7. There are other girls you can go after in the game. Raven and that other chick are just the first two you meet. I was so busy being a good bfn to Raven that I passed up going out with that blinded haired ebony they said was hot like a model. You can choose more girls

  8. Oops, I meant I was so busy being a good boyfriend to Raven that I passed up going out with that blonde haired ebony chick they said looked like a model. I'm a chick, so I wouldn't want my character ditching his girl for the pretty rich chick.

  9. I kinda wish they still had this game i never got the chance to play it missed out on this beautiful game I always watch these series over and over again to see what I have missed 😭😭😭😭😒😒

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