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CGRundertow ANIMAL CROSSING: CITY FOLK for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review


Animal Crossing: City Folk review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Animal Crossing: City Folk from Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii. City Folk is a simulation game in which you’re living in the shoes of a cute little character in a cute little world. You arrive, you purchase a house, you eventually pay off the loan, you live a little virtual life in a little virtual world. Animal Crossing is one of the better simulation games out there, especially for its charm and accessibility. And in that general sense, City Folk is continuing the tradition. But that’s all it does. Continue. This video review features video gameplay footage of Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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  1. I thought this was just a spruced up version of Wild World. where you STILL couden't do ANYTHING at 2AM!!!

  2. I would die happy if I never saw another thread of comments on Youtube about how much better they are than each other based on grammar.

  3. You should call your review: Nintendo Wii Review. Because you talk more about the Wii then the game itself!

  4. In my opinion all the animal crossings are equaly awesome but I never played the gc version but I definatly put the most time in city folk, it just felt so alive and I loved the motion controls for it too. and could anybody tell me is the gc animal crossing just as good as city folk or possibly even better?

  5. I have played this A'LOT.
    I have the best house almost payed. I have given charity so much that my town has build the bridge & the fountain. I have house full of different items. I have so many fruit trees, that I can earn 30.000 – 50.000 bells a day.
    I love this game, but hate it too.
    It's such a simple easy relaxing game, that you can just pop it up & enjoy the next half an hour.
    Sad thing is that it demands to be played. Most special stuff comes rarely & if you miss them, next chance may will come after a looooong time waiting.
    Also a big disappointment was the LACK of interaction with your animal friends. I want to have fun with them, but I really can't. It's sad.

  6. 2:15 PERFECT DESCRIPTION, PERFECT DESCRIPTION, PERFECT DESCRIPTION! So many who haven't really played Animal Crossing (there was no such game titled Population: Growing!- exclamation point included since that was the POPULATION SIGN AS A SLOGAN NOT A SUBTITLE), or Wild World seem to call this a "poor port" of Wild World, but there are a LOT more elements mixed in from Animal Crossing that Wild World did NOT have that City Folk DOES have. It's really a great description saying it's essentially a mixture of Wild World AND Animal Crossing for GameCube (exact title Nintendo called it in their commercial in 2002).

  7. It felt like the exact same title as the DS version. Because of this, I passed City Folk by. Today, however, I'd be happy to pick up a copy. This game probably works better on a portable system, however. Ah, well.

  8. In conclusion, animal crossing is like a survival game, but without all the jerks and the trolls XD

  9. This was one of the only game reviews i have ever seen where the game isn't even reviewed, lol. You talked about the series as a whole, said it's more of the same..and the video ended. Most people watch reviews to find out what a game is like and what it features etc. Came off as an animal crossing SERIES review instead of the individual game the title suggests.

  10. I want mi Wii back just to play this game the memories when I was a little kid ! 🤧😭😭😭

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