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CGRundertow MARIO AND SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review


Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, a olympic sports compilation developed by Sega and published in 2007 by Nintendo for the Wii and Nintendo DS. The greatest names in gaming face off… in table tennis, javelin throwing, trampoline bouncing, fencing, and other sports that most normal people only care about once every four years. This is the clash of titans that rang in the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing, with a cast of 16 stars from the Mario and Sonic universes. This CGRundertow video game review features video gameplay footage of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s TJ.

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  1. You know the reason why they didnt make a platformer
    "We couldnt decide where or what world the game wouldve taken place" What a joke!

  2. this dont count! these are ok… but… they just dont show off what they do best: PLATFORMING.
    sorry guys, but your gonna need more effort than a few sports games and a minor cameo in a fighting game to convince me that these two CAN in fact, b e in a game together. SHOWING OFF… what they were origionally kings of: PLATFORMING.

  3. Huh, kinda sad. I was looking forward to Derek bashing this game. Seems a funny hate review of a Mario & Sonic Olympic Wii game from Derek was a tradition, an institution.

  4. Game controlls are far to complicated and unsensitive. When i played this game i felt like my arm was gonna be pulled out of its socket. Especially in swimming. Because of the speed you had to pulse your arms. Hopefully the 2012 one is better

  5. I'm all for putting Mario and Sonic in a game together, but how the HELL are they able to keep up together in a FREAKING RACE!?

  6. SEGA needs to put sonic in a situation where he can actually win. (and at times, he still loss.)

  7. How can Sonic even think of challenging Mario in strength! The whole hammer throwing and Javelin throwing? Mario can toss 500+ pounds 20 feet. (Bowser, Mario 64) Sonic is not known for being weak, but Sonic doesn't beat Mario at everything.

  8. 0:24
    Sonic speed Mach1
    Shadow = Sonic
    Blaze almost sonic
    Tails less than blaze
    Every of the 3 lossing against Nintendo human characters on running

  9. I know it's sad but when I was about 8 or 9 y/o I was obsessed with this game. It's like when you're younger you play whatever you got and you like it.

  10. I rember this game we rented it and man oh man dose game take me back its a awsome game for an awsome video game character his name is soinc the hedgehog and speeds his game for he is awsome and still is

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