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CGRundertow Preserve THE FURRIES for Nintendo Wii Video clip Sport Critique


Preserve The Furries overview. Basic Sport Room presents a CGRundertow overview of Preserve The Furries, a downloadable video game from SDP Video games on WiiWare for the Nintendo Wii. Preserve The Furries is a puzzle video game that similar to other online games featuring very little people who comply with. Lemmings is the clear comparison, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is the Nintendo comparison. You have a handful of very little green aliens, and their survival is in your palms. You slide crates, area logs, launch them from slingshots—any way to get them from their UFOs to the wooden crates they’re inexplicably currently being drawn to. This movie overview capabilities movie gameplay footage of Preserve The Furries for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Basic Sport Room’s Derek.

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  1. Some how i'm not surprised derek reviewed this, what surprised me more is that derek gave it a fair review

  2. The title of this game made me lol heartily.
    And then turn around. Because that is something I do not want to do.

  3. I wish you would put wiiware on the title , similarly if it's a psn game put that in the title eg limbo psn review and not limbo for ps3 review . It will save people like me who are only interested in actually owning the physical disk with the box and the box art a lot of time.

  4. Derek, we now, is has no games right now. You don't need to repeat that in EVERY WII review. You actually have been doing that for more than a year now. C'mon, we know, Wii is in the end of its life, is has no games… You don't need to inform us that in every single freakin' Wii review you do. Actually, here is a tip: when doing a review, talk about the game, not the console.

  5. As soon as I saw the title, I knew the comments were going to be full of ill informed retards screaming about how furries should be executed for absolutely no reason at all. You never disappoint, internet.

  6. Nope. And please don't compare bronies to furries. Furries are at least decent people. Bronies… hmm… well… not so much.

  7. OMG! What made them think this was an appropriate name for a game like this?!

  8. This game looks pretty interesting, to be honest. Mostly because like what Derick said: I'm a Wii owner who's open to games like this.

    Anyhow, yeah…the title. :V

    I have nothing else to say, at the moment 'cause brainfart.

  9. if it was a gift from the gods, it wouldn't be here, because there's no such thing as god(s) 😛 it's a gift from the developers, give credit to those who created the game.

  10. it helps grab people's attention, increasing the chances of them checking it out, thus increasing the chances of them buying it.

  11. don't generalise like that… both bronies and furries can be good people as well as bad people, just like any other "group", such as gays and blacks. judging bronies and furries is like juding black or gay people.

  12. Eh. Most bronies I have seen are just intolerable people who happen to be racist and homophobic. They have even threatened to kill people who don't agree with their opinions. They're just empty threats, but they're threats nonetheless.

  13. never came across any assholes like the brones you describe, i just now badass countdown makers such as soncthehedgehog17 are bronies 😛

  14. Funny, most bronies I know is awesome people, CSAndreas is awesome geek who love to talk from the heart. BeatleBrony sing Beatles songs in pony version and the highest Humble Bundle contributors are the Humble Brony Bundle who donate over $13,000 for charity. And a group of Brony is creating a charity for an African country. I don't see what racist and homophobic about them.

  15. Dod cgr pull the thps hd review off youtube? I was wanting to go see how huge the dislike bar was but I can't find it

  16. Guys please, Bronies are not racist, intolerable people. They're just social outcasts – leave em' alone people…

  17. Ya know what also might save your Wii, beating those games you already own. I own 150 Wii games, I am not in a desert.

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