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CGRundertow TOM CLANCY’S RAINBOW SIX: VEGAS for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Vegas review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Vegas for the Xbox 360. Released in 2006, this game was developed and published by Ubisoft. Following an operative in a Rainbow 6 team, this game takes the series to new territory and manages to be a great place for newcomers in the series to start. While there are a few AI problems, this game still holds up well 5 years after its original release. This CGRundertow review features gameplay and commentary from CGR’s Gabe.

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  1. At least we got Magic 2013 and not 2012. I have no problem with this game but at least they could have given us rainbow six vegas 2.

  2. Ya… by a year… Don't believe me that most people have played gears of war on their xbox 360? Any xbox 360 who reads this comment needs to reply if you have played a gears of war game. Oh and by the way, gears of war 2 is only 2.99 (used) at gamestop. I'm pretty sure they would have played it by now being that cheap.

  3. "Dont believe me that most people have played" halo 3. I'd rather a different game than halo 3. I'm pretty sure anyone who wanted halo 3 wouldve had it by now too.

  4. The Games for Gold end at the end of December 2013 but they are think about continuing it to the XB1 if it is successful. Theses games are a test hopefully if they continue after December we will get better, newer games for free.

  5. my favorite part is this game has co-op story, co-op terrorist hunt and competitive multiplayer.

  6. Aaaah, the wery first 360 game i got….used to play this for hours and hours split screen with my friend! 😀

  7. MY GOD, this guy is obnoxious, 1:30 minutes into the game out of a 3:54 min review, and he is talking about the story with his pretentious tone in his twink voice. What about the goddamn gameplay?

  8. How far apart the checkpoints are pisses me off in the later stages. There are parts where you are clearing three rooms of guys before a checkpoint. If you get killed just by the last guy, you want to throw your xbox out the window.

  9. Garbage review. You don't even go into Vegas, and you're complaining about brown, boring old slums of Mexico- where the environments for that level are fairly realistic. Once you get to Vegas, the environments get way more, realistically, interesting.

  10. Misleading gameplay. Didn't show any Vegas footage, and didn't talk about gameplay.

  11. Tome Clancy's Wildlands is coming out. Guess where they are? That's right. They're in Mexico, fighting terrorists.

  12. I have this game and I don't like it that much compared to most of the earlier Rainbow Six games. Whereas Ghost Recon got better as the series went on Rainbow Six got worse, in my opinion. Take away the strategy of the planning phase and you're left with a game that is more or less a ghost recon game that has you enter more buildings, doorways, hallways, etc. Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield was the best in the series. Planning phase plus context sensitive commands for your squad. Ubisoft should have just continued to work with that. I will say I like Vegas more than Lockdown though.

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