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CGRundertow TUROK for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


Turok review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Turok for the Xbox 360. Released in 2008, this game developed by Propaganda and published by Touchstone. This game is a reboot of the series, so all canon is blown out the window. You play as Corporal Turok, a man on a mission to not get eaten by dinosaurs or shot by soldiers. As the game’s loading screen points out, dinosaurs eat meat, and you’re meat! Run away or shoot them if you wish to survive! While the game does have a dated visuals in some areas, the overall experience is top notch. This CGRundertow review features gameplay and commentary from CGR’s Gabe.

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  1. Wasnt aware of a controller like that, sounds interesting & worth checking out. Is it part of the steambox?

  2. Yes, it's part of the Steambox. But you can get only the controller, and use it with a normal PC.

  3. I can't see myself ever becoming a PC gamer, but the steambox on the other hand Im gonna keep tabs, curious on how its going to change the market

  4. In a way it is… I'm terrible at using a keyboard but great at using a controller… Really its just down to the gamer's preference. Not exactly opinion

  5. This is the single most favorable review of this game that I have ever heard. I've owned it on 2 separate occasions, and in my mind this game was a let down. Stealth was not nearly as intuitive as I thought. Too many times I found myself killing people instead of dinosaurs, and the enemy variety was more shallow than I would have liked. Add the ridiculous aiming sensitivity to that, and you get a sub par shooter. Of course, that can be changed, and I actually did like knife killing dinosaurs by the dozen. But that doesn't save this game from being poor in my mind.

  6. finally a good and honest review of the game! I don't like most of the pure negative ones. most people hate the game just because it doesn't play like your typical CoD "insert number here" or other shooter. For those who complain about the lack of crazy weapons: come on guys…really? we have a different time now. back in the 90s crazy weapons and enemies were good..today it's pathetic. this reboot of turok has a very good story line, soundtrack (true to the original turok), and good gameplay elements. I think the game got bad reviews because it simply wasn't 100% finished. you can see that by the lack of KI intelligence and missing maps for the multiplayer. the studio was pushed to release the game as fast as possible to compete with other shooters that came out that year (CoD MW just to name one). you can see how much effort was put into this game if you watch "Awakening The Giants – The Making of Turok".

  7. Hey, that new Jurassic Park movie will spark a new interest in dinosaurs! This means that, besides the AMAZING new Turok comics, we could get an awesome new game!

  8. I honestly think that this guy only likes this game due to LODG – Lack of Dinosaur Games. It's cool, though.

  9. The guy you play as looks like Soap from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3. He's one of my favorite characters from COD.

  10. can't believe there is people who hates this game…. this game was great! and i'm still playing it. too bad turok 2 got cancelled. i'm hoping a new come back on the new consoles 😀

  11. Main problem with the game is all the enemy bullets hit you %100, even from 2 km away, even if the tip of your hair is sticking out of cover, those fuckers never miss a single shot! And you're shooting them back while both your gun and your hands are drenched in oil. It's so frustrating.

  12. Glad to see a more positive review of this one. It's not among the greatest of FPS titles, but it's a solid shooter with some pretty cool gameplay elements – I love using that knife of his. Still, despite its mediocrity it manages to be head and shoulders above the dozens of boring, linear, brown/grey military shooters that keep coming out.

  13. im so glad to see people who actually like this game!!!! I thought this was a fantastic reboot to the Turok franchise that i grew up loving

  14. turok should be in the new jurrasic world 2 movie, ehh maybe not Cuz then it would end like in 20 minutes

  15. Omg I remember my dad playing this when I was a little kid. I fricking loved this game

  16. I would murder for a new Turok or even a new Dino Crisis. I want some dino combat games for this gen. Hopefully with Doom selling well and getting great reviews, we might get some fresh relaunches of old ip titles that no one is doing anything with.

  17. this was actually my first turok game which I bought in 2009 and I loved it,back then it was filled with military shooters all over the place so I found this game a nice change of scenery with dinosaurs and stuff 🙂

  18. For a Turok game, this title really is a snore fest. They basically took out all the fantastical elements that made Turok 1 and 2, so special and turned it into another cookie cutter FPS pos. That's why this game failed. If you're not a fan of T1 or T2 S.O.E, then you probably wont see what the big deal is. Turok was a very unique FPS style game. Part 1 and 2, felt so out of this world. Dealing with dimensions, dinos, monsters of different variety, crazy map designs, each feeling different and captivating. No developer has been able to expand or improve on it.

  19. Almost as good, no not even close. It's fun, but held down by being a reboot, having lackluster weapons, lackluster enemies, lackluster environments, lackluster music, and weak story. It's merely adequate.

    I completed it for namesake alone, and if you're a turok fan, I suggest you do the same.

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