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Changing Hindi Cinema


Hindi cinema has evolved itself from the conventional type to a highly innovative cinema. The kind of movies you used to see five years ago, have started diminishing and you will find more audience oriented movies now. Movies which are coming these days, try to reflect the real side even if it is the dark side of life.

Movies are gearing up to match expectations and some are even surpassing those expectations. Some movies like “Wednesday”, “The Black Friday” and “New York” were above expectations and created a lot of buzz at Hindi cinema box office.

Bollywood is catching up with Hollywood trends very fast. They have even started hiring international artist for the movie. You have already seen Sylvester Stallone and Kylie Minogue dancing for Bollywood in recent movies. You may even find some bigger stars in coming movies.

Indian movies are getting popular and Indian stars are making a tremendous rapport in Hollywood. Some movies are claiming hit because of foreign audience only. With luck smiling on Hollywood, new fans are looking up for Indian stars across borders.

Bollywood also has started pouring in more money into movies. Movies budgeting to
5-6 billions are making their way very frequently in a year or so. As film makers are putting so much of money into this business, marketing has gone one more step ahead. You will find stars doing photo sessions together just before the film unveils. You can easily catch them on some TV shows or even at cricket ground promoting their film.

So finally things are boiling down to basics of movie making. Now filmmakers are becoming more cautious on what the final message, they want to deliver to their audience. You will not see conventional drama of a boy falling in love with one girl and then fighting with her family to get his love.

As the types of movies are changing, the audience also expects something new and different in each coming movie. The overall taste has changed now. Movie making has come to an edge in last couple of years and it has become more issue based now. And Bollywood is ready to gel well.

By Vikash Singal

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