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Check out Google’s self-driving car | Consumer Reports


What is a self-driving car? We get all the answers from Ron Medford, Director of Safety at Google Self-Driving Car. Check out our free Guide to Car Safety: http://bit.ly/1a0InFk

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  1. It should be noted that what triggered the renewed interest in autonomous cars was DARPA's grand challenge for autonomous vehicles in 2004. Google snatched the lead researcher of the winning group (Dr. Thrun) and continued developing it from there.

  2. So this is gunna happen soon but it will add HUGE costs to new car sales and hopefully we wont have to have that stupid tripod on the roof.

  3. Im skeptical about this as computers get glitches and fail, get virus's and get hacked. Should be interesting

  4. But I like Driving. I don't want to just sit there in the car.  I do see This for Handicap people like My Mom.  Mom had Polio and is now 80.  This would be a Life saver for us kids that have to take her places and safer for older people.

  5. I can see this car working well as it has already proven. Thing is their are so many things that could go wrong with this given the right scenario! What if a deer lunges out at last second? What about a car going in opposite direction? Or if a cars bumper is sticking out of a driveway at last moment. What about if luggage is spilled off car onto a road. No computers or satellites will ever be able to make last second decisions like a computer can. Just my opinion

  6. I hope this never happens.. Can it prevent other people from forcing it off the road?

  7. As long as I could switch between manual controls and the automated controls, I'd LOVE this. Traffic jam? pppfffttt.. let Google drive, I'll just watch a movie or read a magazine. Open road? I'm game behind the wheel all day long. 

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