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Chevrolet Avalanche 2009 Top Pick | Consumer Reports


Watch the Chevrolet Avalanche review with this video from Consumer Reports and get more car and truck info on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm The Chevrolet Avalanche is one of the most versatile and comfortable pickups. It’s Consumer Reports 2009 Top Pick Pickup Truck.

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  1. BTW, this truck should not be compared with a heavy duty truck like the F-150. This is just a large SUV with some Truck capabilities, for fun and light work use. When the cargo bed is extended by opening the midgate, it just for few long items, not a pile of 2×4 wood boards. Just playwood or dry wall sheets, nothing above the top line that is after folding the rear seats, behind the driver/front passenger seats. Off course, everything in the cargo area must be secured.

  2. Men i remeber like 3 months ago, i went to the chevrolet dealership, i was gong to get an avalanche but the guy came back and told me i had horrible credit and i needed $2,500 down payment, hell i didn't have that kind of money right know so i left crying, i try to hold it in but i couldn't.

  3. Hey I'm considering this truck and was wondering if the rear blind spots are a huge problem…I would be driving this to school so the drivers aren't all that great…also how are repairs it it's all one body? Is I get hit it the area of what would be the quarter panel how is it fixed?

  4. The AWD system does NOT send power to the wheels when thei slip,it sends power to the oposite wheel or wheels.

  5. @backintack I think they solved that problem in the later models. Zebra striping was a big issue with these trucks.

  6. @backintack My Dad has a 2006 Avalanche, and he had the dealer put some sort of liquid coating on the plastic to keep it looking new. About 5 years later and he still has it, and the plastic cladding still looks great.

  7. @sedag100 yes in three pieces and comes with a bag and a place on the back side to attach them too,

  8. I purchased my first avalanche in 04 never had to repair anything under the hood in 124k mi…loved it so much i traded it for the 09 avalanche LTZ and enjoying it everyday….great truck!

  9. Someone please tell me how a uni- body (no frame) Honda ridgeline is classified as a truck. What a joke !!!!!

  10. what year did the avalanche start having the extended cab,where the whole panel folds down?making room for a couch or something huge?

  11. I wonder is something heavy is in the back and you crash, would it just kill everyone inside?

  12. Kinda wish Chevy brought back the avalanche would of love to see a 3rd gen oh well maybe they will one day. I love this truck

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