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Chevrolet Spark EV: Owners Review Part 2


Once again we take a ride in my DD. Poor excuse for a part 2, but I got a mic and wanted to test it out on a car that I wouldn’t be pissed about losing footage over. So here you go, probably the only performance driving review of a Chevy Spark EV on youtube.

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  1. Having looked at SparkEV acceleration, there doesn't seem to be anything special at 18 MPH. It pulls about the same up to about 45 MPH at 0.42g then begins to taper. Without taper, it would do 0-60 in about 6 seconds. Lots of plots of acceleration profile in my blog.


    5 second gas cars (ie, WRX) with multi-gear would have quicker acceleration in lower gears but slower at higher gears. If you're used to multi-gear performance cars, SparkEV with steady and strong pull might give you quicker perception at speeds when gas cars would be getting off first or second gear and up-and-down power profile of gas engine.

    As for handling, I read that Fiat 500e does better, though 0-60 is lot slower.

  2. the newer spark ev drops down in torque from 400 to 327(or something like that) it also has a smaller lighter battery. chevy claims it's newer model does 0-60 faster but I'm not sure that's true it would be awesome to run a drag race between the 2014 spark ev and the 2015 spark ev. i want to know if chevy is deliberately lying to their customers

  3. thanks for this review. have you been able to reach 100 miles per charge?
    I would assume average range seen at 20% charge left is 50-60 miles. is that what you notice?

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