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Chevrolet Suburban – CarMD Used Car Review and Rating


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CarMD used car review and rating of the Chevrolet Suburban.

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  1. Anybody owned chevy suburban….
    My 2007 suburban engine make tapping noise.. just expire warranty.
    and interior door handle, button cotting move out. lot of people have same problem.
    How chevy make car like this… Major problem come out after just expire warranty.
    please use quality part. I paid $2500 to local mechanic shop for fix engine. many car have been engine tapping noise from same location of engine. I feel so bad. never ever buying chevy anymore. Bye and good luck. fuck chevy

  2. I thought chevy used really really junk part, cheap part.
    I owned few suburban from 1981 to curerently. getting worth interior and part.
    good thing is strong than other and feeling is good when driving.

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