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Chevy Tahoe Hybrid Review | Consumer Reports


The Chevy Tahoe hybrid’s 19 mpg overall is impressive for a big SUV. But handling is awkward and braking distances are long. Learn more about the Chevy Tahoe and other hybrid vehicles with our free guide to fuel economy: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/new-cars/resource-center/fuel-economy-guide/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. woop de do….a WHOPPING 19 MPG!!! yaaaaa….thats completely AWFUL!!!! suuurely they could to better…..

  2. you can put a lift kit on this and still get 17mpg in the city in 4wd mode. That is why gay ass Toyotas will never be better then a Chevy

  3. @superpianoplayer47 What pros? The tahoe is huge, no cargo room w/ 3rd row seats, 3rd row seats suck… At least second row seats are somewhat comfortable….

  4. Does that lip spoiler come off? Our '05 Tahoe's lip spoiler comes off, but at the cost of high speed stability.

  5. 19 mpg for a hybrid? What a terrible vehicle … they could have installed a diesel engine around 4 litres and made 26 mpg … why are Diesels kept from the markets in the USA when they are used so much more in any other nation in the world excpet north America.

    Could it be the govt wants poor economy so they profit from the taxes recieved from the Gas Taxes?

  6. Lol he said the rear seats don't recline but you can obviously see the lever to recline the seat

  7. I hope yall know it's supposed to be a MILD HYBRID, it was not supposed to be the Prius of large SUVs , so 19 is pretty decent, BUT the powerless front seats seem like a cheap out, and their excuse is probably them trying to Save weight i bet,, but yes a diesel would've been a lot better, if the government didnt have such STRICT REQUIREMENTS We could actually enjoy diesel like the rest of the world

  8. I've had my Tahoe hybrid for over a year and I love it. I have power seats, so I don't know wtf this guy is talking about. Also, I love the fact that it's so damn quiet, nobody can hear you coming or going. And saving gas $$$ is pretty cool too.

  9. 19 mpg lol jesus let me get a blowjob minus the blow lol 😂. So in my 08 awd freestyle I can seat up to 8 have awd all seats fold flat adults can sit in all seats 22 highway 26 city my point none of this hybrid Tahoe bs makes since complete waste of money.

  10. While its emergency stopping distance (70 mph to zero) was an overly long 191 feet for the hybrid
    70 to zero stopping distance to 203 feet for the NON hybrid

    if you need better pay for the upgraded brakes in the police version they go 60 to Zero in 146 feet spend upto 70k on it
    they try to fakes news =consumer reports

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