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China’s new law-enforcement gadgets – BBC News


The BBC’s John Sudworth reports from the annual Beijing Police Equipment Expo, an event showcasing the latest law-enforcement gadgetry at the disposal of China’s ruling Communist Party.

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  1. 'The constant preoccupations of communist rule: 'Surveillance and control'. 

    This is a very incorrect statement.

    1. China is not communist.
    2. Communism is an economic system primarily, and does not have any implications of either surveillance or control.
    3. Despite western propaganda, communism can live under democratic rule, it just never has. 

    Learn about your systems of government BBC.

  2. "Does it worry you that sometimes Chinese government will use your equipments to control the Chinese people?". I don't understand why this journalist's question is full of ideological bias. Do you think China is still like 20 years ago? Do you think England is still a great country that you guys can make frivolous remarks about other countries? If you want your reports have a a more objective stance, please remove the ideological blinkers.Otherwise, you are just showing your ignorance.

  3. Man I am really not liking BBC they sound like American media now "The Chinese authorities have been building themselves a giant internal security machine…" he should have added "Only the US and England is allowed to do that".

    "Look I can by a taser here"…In some american states they can buy an AR15 without any sort of certification whatsoever! What is the point of this piece? The police in China are buying modern equipment to deal with the new evolving threats shocking!!!

  4. When it comes to military industrial-complex, China still has a lot to learn from the world's undisputed and unrivaled expert — the United States of America. The US not only excels in military & law-enforcement hardware, it also runs an all-encompassing surveillance on anyone and everyone anywhere and everywhere around the world, all thanks to the NSA. Not only that, the US law-enforcement is not afraid to use lethal force on helpless citizens even when unprovoked as we have seen in Baltimore & Ferguson. The ruthlessness and determination of the US law-enforcement leave their Chinese counterpart in the dust. Hats off to the world's best.

  5. more american capitalist propaganda, so doesn't the us control their people too with the 600 billion military investment? SEEMS LIKE THEY ARE DOING IT MORE THEN CHINA!! "CONTROLLING THEIR PEOPLE"

  6. did BBC went to US defence exhibition, UK defence expo and ask those westerner

    did they feel any sense of guilt that US , UK regime are using their invention to kills innocent civilian in middle east?

    or US military had use their invention to kills black people in baltimore, ferguson, cleveland?

  7. i cant find any news on BBC

    UK PM express intention to abolish UK HUMAN RIGHT ACT

    this is your great democracy!!!

  8. "On display the constant preoccupations of Communist rule, surveillance and control." Funny, but it sounds like he is describing our government here in North America and the equipment looks, and sounds, no different except that it is likely made in China and ours is made in Israel. I guess that the difference, according to the BBC, is that our government uses these things to PROTECT our free speech whereas the "Communists" use them to SUPPRESS it's people's free speech. Right, that must be the difference.

  9. why is this even news? every country seeks to monopolize the means of violence … and this expo like other domestic expos across the world caters to the police, military and government… why is this news?

  10. Good Vid, BBC, it's always unnecessary to abuse force to its citizens.

  11. It is inhumanity  to interfere other countries' business,  such as US ruined Mid-East

  12. And what british did in the past was more brutal? british soldiers killed innocent Chinese people with opium, taking out all their resources such as teas to UK? Remember opium war, british, you did cruel things to china in the past!

  13. Just compare Hong-Kong police during protests and American during Ferguson protests. You will see a grat difference..

  14. It's lease china police still look like police. American police look like they belong in Iraq and are very heavily militaries

  15. Intoxicated BBC!

    Isa 28:1 Woe to the crown of pride, to the drunkards of Ephraim, whose glorious beauty is a fading flower, which are on the head of the fat valleys of them that are overcome with wine!

    Ephraim=UK. Son of Joseph born in Egypt. Egypt=sodom=unfit to be called Jerusalem. Rev 11:8.

    Returns to vomit. 2 Peter 2.

  16. The BBC is now into rubbish reporting !
    The most monitored nation on earth is the UK with enough cameras to watch you waking up to taking a dump …now that is "control" of the British people !

  17. China has a history of slaughtering there own people… Even for the most trivial things!!! The powers to be will murder their entire nation before letting go of there iron fist

  18. Pathetic reporting by the BBC, and I am an Australian. Where is the BBC report of the military equipment that was used against citizens in Ferguson?

  19. This is fucking Retarded BBC. USA is 100x worse in this area, and in many ways.

  20. This proponganda piece only exposed the retardation of BBC reporters and their target audience. Just be prepared to be cynical before you read anything from British mainstream media. One never finds himself reading Chomsky on The Economist for a reason.

  21. A country like England that slaughtered natives and committed genocide. Stealing other people's land and stealing resources to build their empire. BBC is bullshit news.

  22. Probably trying to use this piece of propaganda shit to distract western audience from their own problems with police brutality lol

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