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Chrysler 300C review | Consumer Reports


Chrysler extensively updated its flagship rear-wheel-drive sedan for 2011, making it a much more competitive car. Learn more about the Chrysler 300C and other sedans on our website: http://bit.ly/qmt1Yx

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  1. they throw hemis in everything..caravan too?? might as well put 1 in a neon ,,,,it was there best selling car ever…chrysler = crap…NISSAN

  2. CR tested the fuel economy – 18 mpg. That's actually pretty good for a V-8 with a ton of power.

  3. Now, if you check this month's edition (11/2011) a couple Chrylsers, Dodges, and Jeeps have made that all-inclusive CR recommend list. The Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee have got that check mark. So, Chrysler's getting their act together with the new marriage with Fiat. However, the 300 and cousin Dodge Charger was the best effort with the partnership with Daimler; they finally got it right this model year. Road test score here : 80.

  4. Tom and Jake are the best car reviewers of CR, specially Tom who takes his time to show and talk every-single aspect of the car.. Awesome and informative tnxs

  5. I've been driving a 300C for about 3 years now. My average MPG over those years has been consistently between 18-21.

  6. Honestly, It looks great and it's still a premium sedan but driving them is just awful. It feels like you're going to topple onto your side when you take a corner. My aunt's daily driver is a 2001 BMW 328i and she rented one of these on vacation. She cried when she had to park it.

  7. Maybe I'm weird, but if a car is available with a V8, I gotta have the V8. Its not even about the power, I just like the smoothness and the sound. I wish they would make a small V8 that got good gas mileage, but all manufacturers seem to be investing in V6s. That said, I love my Hemi Magnum, it gets decent mileage.

    I also got to say Mopar's have good easy to use controls. The new touch screen craze is a disaster in most cars when it comes to driver distractions. Redundant controls is good.

  8. how many videos did you post a comment about this car to ? this is like the third video of this car that i have read your same comment , word for word

  9. how does a long hood make for bad visibility. if anything it should improve it because you can see where the front of your car is. i hate it when manufacturers put sloping hoods on their cars because when you are making a tight maneuver, you have to guess where the front is

  10. This is finally a product from Chrysler that feels actually put together by people who care and a great focus on the details. Kudos to them.
    I still feel that the OHV V8 is redundant in this time and economy. Why does Chrysler keep it is a mystery to me.

  11. I've rented a last year 300C model with the 3.6L Pentastar engine with an 8-speed automatic. Oh man, it got me there over 800km or 500 miles from a full tank, never driven a luxury car with a wonderful fuel economy! I was mighty impressed! Power was not bad!

  12. Looks like Chrysler is starting to get it together. It sure is a pretty design. Another model cycle should sand down a few more rough edges. Why are reliability and fit and finish such an ongoing challenge for them?

  13. I really like it, but man those interior quality issues he pointed out were ghastly! Makes me question how bad are parts of the car you can't see, like mechanicals and electrical.

  14. Probably more like 70 or 71. They were kicking but with muscle cars like the cuda, charger and Challenger up till that time.

  15. Fit, finish, and QC have always been Chrysler's down fall. They just don't ever get it completely together. *sigh*
    GM isn't far behind!

  16. Pretty good for an American car …CR agrees and so does my son..including the colour…nice to know he has the same taste even when he think he is different.

  17. My dad rented a black chrysler 300C with the V8 in it for our summer trip last summer and I gotta say it was a pretty nice car. Unfortunately we only had it for a week.  

  18. Now some folks say it's too big
    And uses too much gas
    Some folks say it's too old
    And that it goes too fast
    But my love is bigger than a Honda
    Yeah, it's bigger than a Subaru

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