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Chrysler Pacifica Redefines the Minivan | Consumer Reports


Full of clever features, Chrysler’s renamed and redesigned minivan feels satisfying to drive, but reliability is an open question.

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  1. This new Pacifica will more than likely be laden with issues. I own a 2014 Grand Caravan and I have had more issues within 40,000km than an average vehicle with 150,000km. My transmission was out twice within the first 10,000km. Chrysler makes a nice looking product however the material quality of the components is poor. Hope this new van is breakthrough in quality and reliability! Good, honest review.

  2. This thing is going to be $20,000 more than the outgoing Dodge Caravan. I can't speak for America, but this is going to be a tough sell in Canada.

  3. I love the "BUT WHATEVER!" moment in the video. Not something you expect in a Consumer Reports car review.

  4. toyota reliable? king of the recalls now they have gas leaks! this guy must likely dates bruce jenner.

  5. they need to bring back Lee Iacocca the maker of Dodge Caravan Fiat is going to kill Chrysler Pacifica is full of Fiat junk it's nothing but a piece of junk looks like my family is going to be buying 1990 – 2000 Dodge Caravans

  6. it should have went along the themes of the Chrysler 200 which in my opinion is the best car ever

  7. oh wait that's right the idiot CEO of Fiat is killing the 200 Chrysler is doomed

  8. Keep recommending those dangerous Japanese ? vehicles, equipped with deadly Takata airbags.

  9. Why Chrysler , Fiat can't make reliable car?Can somebody tell this their CEO???They would have so much potential if they just could fix that!

  10. So i've owed one for exactly three weeks and in that time….one of the stow and go seats stopped working (dealer fixed) and the UConnect Theater hasn't worked since I purchased the van. I have been promised Chrysler is working on an software update. So one of the main selling points for the van (the one that satisfies the kids) doesn't work when purchased. I am not very satisfied at this point.

  11. Clueless car reviews. Only seem to get top of the line models, only drive them couple of times around a track no one else uses and no long term testing in the real world. You buy a car today they recommended, only to find out next year the car you bought is no longer recommended because the reliability of your model year went bad.

  12. Very nice looking features (stow and go, blue ray entertainment, vacuum). The one word that killed any interest was transmission reliability.

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