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CineStalkin’ The Swap Meet & Movie Reviews!!


In this vid I go check out a couple of local swap meets and after that I review a few brand new releases from Arrow Video! ▶️ To order the films I show go here… ▶️ Sub to Leo… ▶️ Follow me on Instagram… * The Mutilator * Pray for Death * American Horror Project

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  1. Dope Swap Meet! Funny toys haha! I've been wanting to check out The Mutilator! Another awesome video Danny! Take Care!

  2. Another great video danny nice to see some sun its cold and rain here in the uk as always lol loved the rambo gun that was a neat find indeed….

  3. Very fun! Glad you let us know how the lime chips were… Very cool 70's movie set-it's funny I thought the one you enjoyed the least was going to be the best by the title! ha

  4. hey man I know you at least like some 90s cartoons so watch this pretty unknown one I grew up watching I love it it's one of my favorites and Robin Williams did a voice in it it's only 20 minutes and it's right here on YouTube so here's the link https://youtu.be/mLccxrDgi5U please let me know what you thought of it in your next video, keep up the awesomeness

  5. Thought BLOOD RAGE was better than MUTILATOR…but it was ok….watched CARNIVAL OF BLOOD…liked that one….WITCH WHO CAME FROM THE SEA was terrible…gonna watch PREMONITION tomorrow. PRAY FOR DEATH was great!! Kosugi's best film.

  6. Hey Dan the man what's the haps dude? Great out about vid as always thanks for giving the mutilator a great review I've gotta see it I know it's prolly gonna have a campy vide but I like those kind of films. Have a movie recommendation for u if u haven't seen a horror film called playback I totally recommend it was and is a fun film that keeps u on ur toes every step of the way. Was really kool to get a free bee hope the film is good. Is it me or am I not alone one who's been wanting return to nuke em' high volume 2 out already it's been a longtime I've been wanting 2 see it very badly. Great vid as always Danny I'll txt u sometime in this week good buddy

  7. Never heard of a beer with chilli sauce! Sounds crazy! I need to check out the mutilator, that film looks epic. So many special features too!

  8. Great video as always dude. I'm currently writing a 3,000 word essay on the tropes of the slasher genre for my degree. The Mutilator looks like a quintessential one. Greetings from the UK!

  9. Actually picked all these up. Pray for death was pretty decent the other two haven't got here yet. Great vid nightstalker.

  10. Great stuff man. You will have to go back and try some more of those chip flavors, you have me curious how they are now.

  11. great review danny arrow put them out in england same time they do in america.. have you got a region free blu ray player as 88 films have just put out the extended cut of evilspeak with all new special features

  12. fun video Danny cool stuff at the swap meet and nice movie pick ups … I gotta ask do you remember watching on MTV back in the 90's like The Head , The Maxx , Aeon Flux ?? .. do you own those shows in your collection ?

  13. Man awesome video as always, the beard is where it's at by the way, lol really cool stuff, I really enjoy the Swap Meet videos.

  14. Beards are in my mans, keep it thick. Girls love stubbles and beards, they all always tell me that as they stroke my face in bed ?

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