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Classic Game Room – FROGGER RETURNS for Nintendo Wii review


Classic Game Room HD reviews FROGGER RETURNS for Nintendo Wii, available as a download from the Wii Virtual Console. This remake of Konami’s arcade masterpiece has its ups and downs. Complete with four new 3D styled levels, time trial, multiplayer and score attack modes, Frogger Returns may appeal to those fans of the original. This CGR review of Frogger Returns has gameplay from Frogger Returns from Konami on Nintendo Wii showing game play in action.

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  1. Hey there,

    Very interesting stuff you make mate, I'm watching your racing game reviews for about 5 hours now, seriously. Loved the oldies like GT1 and 2.

    Just one thing that I believe it worth mentioning about Forza 3: The computer opponents. This is a big improvement over F2, and, as a old timer fan of GT1 since the video I watched on the demo CD that came on PlayStation in december 1997, I honstly think these are the best opponents that ever showed up in a videogame race sim! Keep it up!

  2. @YamiGekusu
    wait…you can't buy a router in your town, or you just cant find someone to leech off of?

  3. well the way it sounded it seemed like a fanboy comment. you don't have type an unnecessary paragraph that i didn't fully read.

  4. my condolences!
    but if you have dsl or broadband, im sure you can just hook up a wireless router and your problem's solved…or you can buy the nintendo wifi adapter if you really wanna play online.

  5. It look pretty good, but after I go through all 4 levels it could get boring doin the same thing over and over again. It's too short!

  6. @mariokiller55 – Do what I do a just skip or mute it. Surely clicking your mouse isn't such a strenuous task.

  7. @8bitPikachu Well franchises can jump to different companies. I think Crash Bandicoot had 4 different companies, at least 3. Also, the atari one may have well been an illegal copy, since atari illegally made popular arcade games for their system.

  8. If anyone wants a free clean version of this game take a look here.


  9. Forget The Orange Box, I'm gonna get FROGGER Returns, Steps Out to Get a Bite to Eat, Comes Back Refreshed 3D 2: Episode 1; The Green Box

  10. I assume Mr. Mark said it's avaiable from WiiWare because I don't think this one was on N64 and it sure wasn't on something which came out earlier than the 64 unless it was the VC Arcade.

  11. You must be better at playing frogger than frogger because in the intro video if frogger on pc he dies by a truck lol

  12. The only problem I have with the game is the controls. The reason being, why do you have to point the Wii remote at the screen to move? I figured that it would be easier to hold the remote on the side.

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