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Classic Game Room HD – SMASH TV for Xbox 360 review


Classic Game Room HD reviews SMASH TV for Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360. This SMASH TV review features HD gameplay from Smash TV, the iconic arcade hit from Williams featuring a demented Running Man style tv where you must survive by destroying waves of enemies, robots, tanks and goons! One of the creators of Smash TV is Eugene Jarvis, hero of CGRHD for his creation of Robotron 2084 and Defender. Using Robotron-style dual joystick controls you move with the left analog thumbstick on the 360 controller and fire with the right. Gameplay is frantic and out of control with more enemies than you can possibly destroy with your pea shooter gun. Weapon power ups, shields and extra lives are a must in this quarter munching arcade machine which was released in 1990. This XBLA version of Smash TV looks just like the arcade machine. Players can play a co-op game with a friend over Xbox Live Arcade and machine gun enemies together. You have unlimited continues when playing the XBLA Xbox 360 version of Smash TV. This is a must have, very affordable and really fun. Smash TV is TOTAL CARNAGE!!!!!!!!! Classic Game Room HD reviews XBLA video games as an XBLA reviewer reviewing games like Smash TV for Xbox Live Arcade. Although a sequel to Smash TV was talked about sadly it never came to be made.

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  1. everyone knew this thing was just there to take your quarters so it hardly got played at all, maybe it you had one quarter left and felt like ef it

  2. I remember playing on the NES. You could combine both NES controllers for one player. One d-pad controlled movement while the other shot in whatever direction you wanted. That was pretty mind blowing at the time.

  3. I dont know what are you waiting to review total carnage mark…, we allready know that you have midway arcade treasures 2

  4. Man…, ive been playing this master piece on my snes emulator for years now, until i find out there was an arcade perfect port on the PS1, in Midway's "Arcade Party pak", horrible name, but amazing version of smash tv

  5. This is stupid. Smash TV, like so many other arcade ports where the developer doesn't know how to handle the absence of coins, is a game that would actually have been playable if it wasn't for the unlimited continues.

    Let's analyze the very basics of a videogame and put things in perspective, shall we? Why should you not have unlimited continues? Because a game should have a challenge. What's the point in playing a game if you can just keep going every time you die? That's not playing a game as much as it is simply watching a sidescrolling movie from start to finish. There has to be something which gives you the motivation to do your best, something that tells you that "I actually NEED this extra-life" etc etc. With unlimited continues, you have no real enemy.. well, other than boredom; the experience becomes more like a race to see who quits first, the game or you.. but if and when you decide to go all the way, you already know when you start the game that you are going to see the end credits if you just sit tight and mash that continue-button. That's automation. And renders the "game" completely pointless.

    Sure, you can just try to limit yourself in a faux-realistic manner, with you saying "okay, if I die five times, then I should quit because its Game Over." But if you play a game that you find remotely fun, odds are you are going to want to keep playing no matter what. You have to be forced to quit, otherwise you're not gonna do it. Quite frankly, not implementing limited continues in the game is just the programmers way of doing a half-assed job and telling us to keep track of our own realism, which in itself makes for a product that completely misses a crucial part of something even remotely worthy of being called a videogame..

    I seem to remember games like Turtles in Time on SNES giving us the ability to chose the amount of credits we could have in the options-menu. Doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to program something like that in this game.

  6. I know this video is a little under 6 years old, but he DOES know that the (Technically) Total Carnage right?

  7. good game. i remember playing it on the ps1 in a arcade pak and i was like hmm looks weird oh well because the rest of the arcade pak had crappy games and i was blown away how much action was happening in SMASH TV.

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