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Classic Game Room – N3II: NINETY-NINE NIGHTS 2 for Xbox 360 review


Classic Game Room HD reviews N3II NINETY NINE NIGHTS 2 for Xbox 360 published by Konami. It’s Dynasty Warriors meets Lord of the Rings in this mass carnage creating action game where you slaughter enemies by the hundreds. This CGR review of N3II Ninety Nine Nights II 2 by Konami has gameplay from Ninety Nine Nights 2 showing game play from N3ii on Xbox 360. N3II is a game full of action and repetition as you play through the same levels numerous times with your characters to discover every hidden object and level them up to actually stand a chance in the later levels. There are several playable characters to choose from, each with slightly different weapons and attacks, who play through the same storyline (and maps) through their own perspectives.Those players who enjoy button mashing combined with level upgrading, grinding and some strategy may get a kick out of hacking and slashing your way through N3II Ninety Nine Nights II.

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  1. nice game, but far from the first one wich was better looking, and with really sometimes thousands of enemies on screen ( the battle with the dragons on the sky burning the plains as you fight the sark army … the thing is , when you compare this , a 2007 game, to warrior orrochi or dynasty W7, you realise that KOEI still doesnt know we are not on xbox 1 and ps2 anymore … even if i wtill like KOEI 's games. ( bladestorm ^^)

  2. Warriors Orochi 3 was awesome though. Also Dynasty Warriors 8 looks pretty promising. They went further with the visuals this time.

  3. got it today. unfortunately, there is no level up – combo system anymore. just a quick and a strong attack button… major bummer (if not gamebreaking) for me…shucks 🙁

  4. Im playing the first one right now, and its my first game into this Dynasty Warriors-genre, if I can even call it that, and wow I'm actually liking it.
    (Drakengard 1, doesnt count, for me, played the demo way back when PSM was still "alive" and contained those awesome demo discs)

  5. I see a lot of ocarina of time in this review.. With the crystal switch to lower the bridge and the pillar falling..

  6. If anyone still plays this. My gamertag is jpsled. Add me and let me know you play it. Would love some co-op.

  7. So that's why that guy at the conference was excited. This game looks like a hell of a lot of fun and I want it.

  8. I am playing this in 2018 and I need a coop buddy for the online coop stages..(also great for upgrading) If someone still plays this game contact me: My gamer tag is: john hooper 😀

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