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Classic Game Room – XBOX 360 game console review


Xbox 360 console review!

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Classic Game Room reviews the old-school, white Xbox 360. The original white Xbox 360 was released in 2005 and went on to become the best selling high definition game system of its generation. There have been several incarnations of the Xbox 360 over the years. The one featured here was repaired after the infamous “red ring of death”, has the optional 250 gig hard drive and boasts an aftermarket Ms. Pac-Man sticker.

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  1. You know if you install games to the hard drive the disc wont have to actually spin while playing, which will keep the console from making so much noise.

  2. never had a 360, PS3 or wii during the 7th gen i was always just watching TV it wasnt till 2012 that i started playing video games and got a really late and unfortunate start considering that in 2013 xbox one and PS4 were released so in 2014 i got my very first and only 360 which was a slim model (cuz i wasnt going to ask for the white ones that always got red ring of death) just a month after my PS3 died and loved it and then got an xbox one last year on my birthday…..so there and yes i started playing games in 2012…

    what do you people want im 17 and have autism and aspergers syndrome so dont bitch me out for watching spongebob and winnie the pooh for 12 fucking years

  3. My 360 never red ringer cause i got the slim model which was beautiful and its not an opinion its an undisputed fact XBOX 360 IS BETTER THAN PS3 AND PS3 OWNERS KNOW THAT BUT THEY FEEL ASHAMED TO ADMIT IT

  4. I love the xbox 360 & still play my regularly in 2017. I have yet to upgrade to a ps4 , xbox one or switch but considering that i can claim free Xbox one games with the games for gold program without even owning an xbox one i might get an xbox one x in the future. Anyone wanna play some 360 games online add me. Gamertag:IcyKrax

  5. I aways buy the original models of a Console. Have the original Xbox 360 and the original ps3

  6. I have the mw2 Xbox 360 still use it to this day and it never red ringed me but it's still loud as hell it's actually louder than my fat ps2

  7. I was playing my Dad's Xbox 360 E Last Sunday and I was using it to play some of my Original Xbox Games on there (Via Backwards Compatible) and I was playing it for Hours and I had this Feeling in my Head saying "I Miss playing the Xbox 360 since my Original Xbox 360 Elite Broke Down November 2013 and I haven't played it in so long" that Feeling hit me so Hard so my Dad told me when we move he's gonna give me his Xbox 360 E since he's gonna stick with the Xbox One and I was happy that he made that Deal I can't wait to start playing them again Real Soon

  8. "The fan in this thing is loud as hell" yeah I know that's why I have the slim Xbox 360 because I got really tired of my old 360

  9. That Xbox has a zephyr motherboard which has the 50%+ failure rate while my Xbox has a falcon motherboard which is more reliable it has only a 15-20% failure rate because it's more power efficient

  10. Xbox 360 could have been requested for most gamers if it wasn't for quote on quote red ring of death

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