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CNET News – Tech Minute: Back-to-school gadgets


It’s time to start filling up that backpack again with the most necessary back-to-school supplies: a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. In this Tech Minute, CNET’s Kara Tsuboi reports on some other useful gadgets to help kick off the school year.

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  1. The backpack charging station is a good idea. I'm just not sure if the backpack is rugged enough to survive school.

  2. This shits fucking expensive b realistic bitches u dont want ur kids stuff stolen do u hey someone steal tsubois laptop cause its worth 1000$ instead get em a second hand one a WINDOWS one

  3. Actually though, one the biggest reasons I have a windows computer for college is that no one will want to steal it. Yet it is very functional for me.

  4. A $170 backpack housing a $500 tablet/phone, a $1000+ laptop, and hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in text books. It should be called the "Mug & Go" Pack.

  5. That bag is stupid, the cooling pad everyone needs that but whatever and the app is useless… Idk lol

  6. Kara Tsuboi has the most soothing voice to present the world's tech news. Anyone that thinks different is a wanker.

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