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Cold Sores – Lysine


If you have ever experienced Fever blisters, this one will make your lips happy. Fever blisters are not very interesting to have. The feature of recurrence is in itself demoralizing. Not to worry. Treatment to Cold Sores- Lysine is almost an ideal. This is a natural substance that can prevent Fever blisters. It is an amino acid not manufactured by the body. It is obtained from plants or animals.

If it is to work, the amino acid has to be taken in high doses. This product retards the growth of virus by inhibiting its replication. The herpes virus needs arginine for growth. This natural product suppresses the metabolism of arginine. The recurrence and outbreak of the disease is also reduced. Supplements such as vitamin c, zinc and bioflavonoids increase the effectiveness of the amino acid.

Though “Cold Sores Lysine” can be bought, it is also available naturally. Foods rich in this amino acid include: Cheese, chicken, beans, vegetables and fish. These are useful during the infection. However, artificial supplementation is advised so as to achieve the high doses needed. About 1250mg of this natural product is needed per day. You will therefore be required to take two tablets, each containing 625mg of the amino acid. Take caution to avoid foods rich in arginine at this time. They include: nuts, chocolate, whole meat, coconut, and caffeine.

“Cold Sores Lysine” has various advantages. It is natural. This is unlike the antiviral drugs that are synthetic. In fact, chronic use of the drugs is harmful to your body. This natural product is cheap and easily available. Besides, problems such as allergies rarely occur. So, there you have it. Use the information to your advantage.

By Peter Gitundu

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