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Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars PC Games Review –



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  1. I don't mind this game but C&C Generals will always have a special place in my heart

  2. i love how your comment was relevent when it was posted, yet i'm still watching this XD

  3. Lel. I know, right? I am watching this cause I bought the ultimate collection, but my internet is to slow to download the newer games, so I am waiting till I get a new internet bundle/computer.

    So I am watching the trailers.

    But Dawn, Sun, and both red alerts are still awesome!

  4. C&C4 was such a lousy joke, and its supposedly the final 1. Can we have a reboot for the Tiberium Series which is RTS and NOT RTT?

  5. The one is GOLD!!
    EA should understand that this C&C3 style is the right way for C&C game.
    impressive unit scale , Cartoon style is shit in C&C4!!
    building and gathering is the most best and classic thing is this series!!
    with this very simple option for this legend series , didn't EA really know this????

  6. I believe you can get this on steam, and obviously it wont required to use origin…you just need a steam account. but steam is much better. tiberium wars and kanes wrath are both on there

  7. The LAST cnc game that was worth playing. Really missed this game. This was the last REAL command and counqer 🙁 

  8. Although the game is great, i think it feels dated when compared to games like company of heroes (released a year before) and world in conflict (released the same year). Like how units still move in long lines instead of proper formations, how the units get on firing range at different times because they cant move in proper formations. And like how fast units cant move at the same pace as slower units when you give them both orders at same time.

  9. This is a casual RTS. No visible gameplay or UI progress since 1995. Pathetic. A typical branding driven EA game.

  10. After watching the leaked gameplay for the cancelled shooter tiberium (which looked like my dream game) I actually decided to look into CnC, this is only $15 on steam so might as well as a RTS fan

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