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Comparison Review: Xbox Elite Controller vs Xbox One Regular


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  1. summary:
    the elite controller has:
    •A new d-pad
    •2 customisable button mappings
    •4 Back paddles
    •Quick firing (triggers stop at halfway)

  2. Having a real D pad is fantastic for killer instinct and other fighting games, Having a back trigger for crouch is a must, Using the B button to crouch really bothers me. The elite controller is a easy buy.

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  4. Hey what's up man nice video, my name is Smayl am a new gamer I just start playing 2months ago still learning how to play and I wanna learn fast that way I can enjoy more so my question is if I buy the Elite controller is gonna help to get better!? Or what do u think ?

  5. they should have made the buttons on the back, like the ps4 touchbutton, intergrated in the back with space between the four buttons. its what fuck up this controller.

    best controller still is the S controller. although i do mis a sound speaker for more magic in thw games. like the ps4 en wii controller had

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