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Conan the Cimmerian # 19


Until 2 weeks ago, I had never read a SINGLE Conan comic book. He never interested me. Then, while I was in Captain Comics in Boise, Idaho, I saw this cover and I knew I had to buy it. Initially, I bought 5 issues to give it a test run. I was immensely surprised by the depth of story I found, and how much I enjoyed the Cimmerian's antics. The story reminded me of playing dungeons and dragons as a twelve year old, gathered with my closest friends in my parent's kitchen, slaying evil and stopping villainy. Since that day in Boise, I have completely worked up on the back issues and I was able to purchase # 19 that came out this month. So from here on out, expect a monthly review of Conan the Cimmerian!

This issue begins with the ghost of Amalric (the dead mercenary leader) paying a visit to the injured and starving Conan. He rebukes the Cimmerian for losing his mighty army, and begs to know how it was so. Conan then proceeded to recount the loss of the "Free Companions of the Sword". The art is crisp and beautiful, as always when Giorello pencils. (One criticism I have for this series is the unending parade of guest artist that lack the skill to bring Conan to life.) We are introduced to a smok'in hot chick, Olivia, who is added to the harem of Shah Amurath. The Shah takes brutal advantage of her and all we can do is cringe and pray that the mighty hands of the Cimmerian will one day snap his neck. As the issue concludes, a man that Conan had previously offended returns, and it looks to be a bloody reunion!

I know why I love the Conan comics so much, here is the equation: 1) Conan travels and slays 2) He meets a beautiful woman who is in some sort of danger 3) Conan slays the crap out of everyone and protects / saves her 4) They make sweet, powerful, sweaty Cimmerian love 5) Conan travels and slays again.

With the Conan equation in place, any comic, movie, television show, or book will be wildly successful. I guarantee it. Issue 19 is awesome, and I absolutely can not wait until next month when 20 comes out!

By Chad De Lisle

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