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Conrad Singapore Hotel Review


A video review of the Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel. An excellent hotel in Singapore’s Marina Bay District.

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  2. Great. Nice video and explanation.
    Unfortunately short of buffet breakfast which really want to see the restaurant & the varieties they have.
    By the way, was that a business deluxe room?

  3. I stayed here, excellent location, good buffet breakfast and staff service. A few drawbacks though:
    – Hot water runs out/not available  at 8:30 PM just when you want your shower
    – Room service staff don't speak any English
    – Laundry service, paid for with extra 50 SGD pd ( which covers free breakfast and late 3PM checkout as well) is a daily $20 and doesn't accrue. When you consider a shirt here costs $18 to launder, and the average person bundles/accrues laundry to wash  on a certain day, this system is not the best.

  4. By room service staff, I mean 'room cleaning staff'. Not many people in SIngapore speak good english, a lot of people there don't speak any.
    All that said I would choose stay at this hotel again for the advantages, drawbacks notwithstanding.

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