Home Car Review Conversing Cars and trucks with Buyer Reports #28: The GM Recall Mess | Buyer Reports

Conversing Cars and trucks with Buyer Reports #28: The GM Recall Mess | Buyer Reports


The GM ignition switch remember mess has been front web site information, which include Congressional hearings. Jake Fisher and Tom Mutchler examine the challenges, which include expense slicing on Chevrolet Cobalt and its siblings and why basic safety challenges ought to result in prompt recollects. We also examine what it will take for GM to fix its image.

As with the other reveals, this episode will also be out there by the iTunes retail store and SoundCloud.

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  1. shitty engineering is always reserved for american cars. Japanese cars are the best 

  2. only american brands I'd buy from is Ford, and Chrysler, and some dodges, otherwise Japanese all the way!

  3. I see 130+ plus cars a week and the GM cars give me the least of problems its actually pretty rare for one to give me trouble. It's almost a daily thing with Hondas, Fords and VW group cars. The GM products average way more miles on them as well.

  4. Thank you for a factual video on this problem. Could you discuss more on driver error involved, speeding, drinking, and not wearing seat belts.

  5. Try and imagine the cost of recalling Saturn Ions and putting in new steering columns and/or motors.  

  6. GM makes crappy vehicles. Honda is the best of the best. Getting upset me? It's true. In Indy racing, GM had to send five Chevys to the race in order it could beat a couple Hondas. GM quality is improve a little bit, but it can't compare with Honda.
    If GM could made a great car, how could it went out of bankcruptcy?! 

  7. Believe it or not!
    The survey said_Cadillac is a luxury vehicle, but it is the least reliable vehicle compare with a cheap Honda.
    Don't know, go to figure…

  8. GM cars are ok, until something goes work. GM doesn't stand behind, what they build. I happen to like the "New GM" and models being produced, but will NEVER purchase another GM product again. Sad to say I starting saying  this when I was 26, I'm now 36.

  9. GM cars of the '50's through '70's>'80's>'90's vs. 2000's and newer. DANGEROUS and generic shape structures. Modern American autos seem more death traps than older. Chevy volts, Pontiac G5, Cadillac Escamlades are bad.

  10. I think they waited until they got the money from Toyota before issuing the recall for GM. So to make GM look good.

  11. same old biased CR…did you guys do special on the Toyota recalls? did not think so! still your favorite pick and most "reliable" I bet.

  12. Same thing happened to my 2013 F250 Ford King Ranch. I have a video of it happening on youtube. My truck didnt shut down but I didnt sit around to find out. I am saddened for the deaths and I feel GM should pay for some of the legitimate claims. I will say that since the whole ordeal GM has made the best domestic vehicle in the market today. It would be sad to kill a company and kill jobs of those who are innocent because of the utter negligence and disregard for people. 

  13. GM got away with murder and continues to roll out crappy cars & INFERIOR QUALITY products designed to steal your money. Mary Barra, & her executive cheats, KHALILAH, TANISHA, SHANTA"L et al are as effective at helping dissatisfied customers as a bunch of FARTS in an Oxygen tank (STANKS) see GM file no. 71-1305208758 or 71-1302902747 or 71-1303056124. Our Cadillac is in for the SAME repair again ($1,000+) RIP.  NO HELP at the office. KTennantDC@Gmail.com

  14. GM = Culture of Corporate Corruption. GM produces INFERIOR QUALITY products, services, leadership. see GM file 71-1305208758

  15. The Germans, English(UK), and Japanese all build far superior quality vehicles than GM does. Soon the Koreans will surpass them as well. I really put GM cars around the level of Kia, for now, with a couple exceptions. I know cars are not an investment, but if you absolutely don't care about value, safety, reliability, or quality then grab for favorite GM car and prepare to fill your service history book.

  16. GM = GREEDY MURDERERS, puts PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE. see GM file 71-1305208758. GM produces INFERIOR QUALITY PARTS, Products, Services. CRAPPY CAR USA. Public Citizen, NHTSA, FTC   Never Buy GM Again. see GM case 71-1305208758

  17. GMC, get your workers' Union off the fleet, your employees will work better, harder to improve the design, the quality of the workmanship.

  18. The “new” GM is still crap. GM fell apart in the 80s and promised to do better and look at them, were still crap. GM will make crap promises after crap promises. GM is still GM. America better not bail this rotten poorly excuse for a car company out of its shithole the next time they dug their own grave again. I believed a new hard working American Car Company would rise after America massacre this poison old oil-sucking piece of junk company and its people to the bottom of the sea. Human wouldn’t have rise out of the ground if the dinosaur wouldn’t have died. GM, it's time a meteor wipe you out. 

  19. This video has completly changed my view on Marry Barra and the "new GM" and this recall mess

  20. Here's the point, someone get Cadillac and GMC away from GM, then you have american pride

  21. Actually you will find that most modern G.M vehicles have seat belt retractor issues, I lost count after 100 various G.M's vehicles have come to my repair shop with seat belts wedged into the door jam. If you don't like what G.M is doing to their customers than boycott them. Its not like G.M has never tried to put other auto manufactures out of business, add to that there are still cars out there on the road currently that still need the ignitions fixed. Not because the owners don't know its because the parts are still not available.

  22. FOR THE IGNITION SWITCH does any one kno what they'll actually do when you bring your car in? what if they are out of parts? will they just give me an extra fucking key ring & waste my time? or what??

  23. I.can't believe GM waited this long to.fix this problem, they waited for people.to.get killed them tell everybody that their.is.something.wrong.with car, dang, shame, shame shame on them, their going down hill ,

  24. So VW pollutes and gets a record fine, but GM literally kills people and nothing happens other than a typical recall?

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