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Convert Your Google Plus Brand Page to Google Local


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Google now allows Google Plus Brand Pages to convert to Google Plus Local Pages. Great news for local businesses who set up the wrong type of page…

Hi it’s Jan Kearney at My Local Business Online and in this short video I’m going to show you how to connect your Google Plus Brand Page to your Google Plus Local Page. This isn’t a merge, it’s a new Google introduction that we’ve been screaming for for far too long now.

Many local businesses when they first set up their Google Page set up a plain, bog standard, Google Plus Business Page rather than a Local Plus Business Page. They ended up with two pages they need to maintain because they are completely separate entities.

This is one of my clients, Wonderland Wigs, they have that problem. This is their brand page, which they use regularly, and their Local page that finally upgraded to a Google Plus Local page a few weeks ago. As you can see, the brand page has got 236 followers and the local page has 4.

What you can do now is connect the brand page to the Map. It’s not a merge because the Map page, the Local Page will be backed up and put in the background. So how do you do it?

First of all, log into your Google Plus Local Page. That’s the one with your address on and the map. When you click on about, you will see the map, your address and it will have a review summary as well.

When you are logged into the correct page, click on your logo, then click on page settings. This is the page settings for the Google Plus Local Page and you want to scroll down until you see Profile. It will now say you can connect a different Page.

You do need to have a verified Google Plus Local Page, which is connected to Google Maps. That means you have got the verified tick and you’ve verified your address either by postcard or phone. Make sure your page is verified first otherwise you won’t have this option.

Once you are verified , you can connect a different page. Click on it and you can choose a page you want to be linked to. I’m going to view that and make sure it’s the correct page. So that’s our Brand Page that we’re going to connect, I can close that now.

I’ve selected it, I’m going to click next. It’s telling me I am going to be connected at that address, which is the correct address. It will display the hours and the phone number. It will display the verified badge because we’re already verified.

It will import all the reviews over but it won’t import any review responses. So before you do this make sure you have copied any review responses so you can put them back on manually. It won’t carry over any of the old followers, they will need to re-follow you.

Once you are happy you are connecting to the correct Google Plus Page, click confirm. As you can see, we have now got this brand page with the correct address, the opening times and retaining our followers. The About tab has the Map, the reviews, the address and the categories.

This is the original Google Plus Local Page. As you can see, the address has been stripped off and the name changed to backup of Wonderland Wigs. If you click on the About section, all the information has been stripped away and been ported over to what was originally the Brand Google Plus Page.

I hope that helps, speak to you soon!

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  1. Jan, loved this video!  I especially liked the sped up drawings – great technique to keep the viewer interested!  

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