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Cool Math 4 Kids Website Review


Cool Math 4 Kids or Cool Math For Kids website is for 12, and under users, cool math kids is an amusement park of math, games, and more, designed to teach math and make it FUN.

Although not as good as Math Playground… this website provides excellent educational resources for both students and teachers in the K – 7th-grade range.

The games are well designed and show what common core math standards they are relating to. In addition, on the side are quizzes students can take to help improve specific concepts based on the game and common core math standards.

Our favorite part of this website is the manipulatives which are further discussed in the video or blog article linked out below.

In this video, we dive into the six navigation sections to help you better understand how to navigate quickly and best use this website.

1. Math Games
2. Lessons
3. Quizzes
4. Manipulatives
5. Brain Teasers
6. More

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