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Coolpad S1 Changer Hands on, India Launch, Price, Camera Test | Gadgets To Use


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  1. do you work for Huawei ???

    coz u are wearing Huawei branding tag of pass or I card whatever it may be ??

  2. hi sir aap koi bhi mobile review karte hain to mujhe dekhne bahut achha lagta he. par aap har mobile ka loudspeaker ke bareme jarur batayiga

  3. Why Should people Buy Coolpad Just a Question
    Why We shouldnt will be my answer
    Service -Yuck
    Updates – only god knows if they will come @coolpad note 3 Plus [the user literally scream in Forums and no one cares]
    updates are not ota which should be made manually @cpn3 or lite who got mm
    and bugs in them are never Fixed since its been almost 8 months since update with Bugs is out
    People who tried to upgrade their mobiles manually [Source their Forums] few ended up with Faulty Phone and nothing was Done to them other than putting it in use me
    So Decide Guys
    and ty for the Video

  4. Sir i like your videos very much!
    But Sir u need to concentrate more over the phone and show the phone in focus!
    Try to make videos giving information about the phone interface!
    nd Show more and more the phone in slow motion nd other visual effects!

  5. ? thank you
    hindi Mai woh bhi MWC Mai
    aur aise hi news dete rahe
    aur bahut log ajeb ajeb si bataei kar rahe hai woh sirf bataei karte hai asal kaam work aap kar rahe hai,????

  6. so many videos sir, that is hard work. thanks sir for these videos. you r on fire . doing great.

  7. this phone is basically a leeco le pro 3 without ugly black bezels
    very beautiful and powerful but the price is higher than le pro 3 it should be cheaper as it has old hardware

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