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Cougarlife.com Quick Review & How to Sign Up and Date Cougars


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Watch as I create a quick profile and show you how easy it is to start finding cougars online!

Cougarlife.com Informational Review

Many men are finding that dating older women is a very rewarding thing. Women who have lived longer are more experienced, and many times more eager to please a younger man in many ways that he won’t even imagine as possible.

Enjoy my Cougar Life Review.

I’ve been using Cougarlife.com to hook up with older women who are looking for relationships with younger men like me. It was something that took me a while to really grasp, but once I started, I was hooked.

Cougar dating is the new prevalent trend nowadays and more and more young men are looking to have sex or date older women. As a response to this change, plenty of websites like OlderWomenDating.com have popped up but CougarLife has been the most popular of them all.

Whether this fame is worth it or not remains to be seen as CougarLife is severely lacking in features.
Some good points are that it is not a fake site as much speculation lately has suggested. It is gaining more and more active users as each day goes by which means that regardless of where you live geographically; you are likely to find someone near you who is also a member of this site. Its vast membership is the main reasons why it continually attracts more members despite being so severely deficient in many features which dating sites everywhere have picked up.

With millions of members you have good chances of landing someone for a hook up and you will also be spared the additional pain of spam accounts and viruses as the site administration people work diligently to keep the coast clear. They are dedicated to removing spambots wherever they find them which guarantees a good user experience even though they still do not offer advice or moneyback guarantees.

Their marketing campaigns are also a major card in their deck. They are known to have the wackiest billboards you are ever likely to come across and some even had babies suckling in them. They create a wide market for the services that this site offers and their advertising is truly brilliant. However, this does come with the risk that you will be coming across some people you know. If you are a mom with kids for example, it might make hooking up difficult unless you apply privacy settings on just about everything which is not conducive to attracting suitors.

The other good thing about the site is that it isn’t vulgar even though it very much believes in facilitating sex. You can even find someone truly special here if that is what you are after and at the same time there are plenty of nude photos to go around. Most of the galleries are public and with the free trial you get access to most of them. In order to enjoy the other features however you need to have a proper membership which will cost you around $40 a month although that may lessen with time.

You will find CougarLife to always pop up in related searches on Google or any other search engine which means that SEO specialists were definitely used in order to gain the site more popularity. This leads you to believe they are efficient in many other areas as well such as privacy and so on. Their complaint team is very active and this adds to a good user experience.

You get instant chat as well as adult chat rooms. You can send messages but a lot of other features such as interactive video chat are absent. The emphasis is on dating rather than simply sex which does add an air of sophistication to the site.


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